Catholicism is BullSh*t

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    The bible is pretty explicit about how to get to heaven, so excuse us if we disagree with other people who, purporting to be 'Christians' believe in other methods specifically warned against in the same book. The bible even goes on to say that God reserves special judgment for those who add or take away from the bible.

    Anyway, God knows His own, so despite whatever terms society wants to use, the true test of who is a Christian and who isn't will be at the Great White Throne Judgment.[/quote]

    A Christian is a follower of Christ, believing him to be a son of God.

    There is no evidence that the Catholics do nnot believe the above. You lie and twist not focal points of Catholicism to make it seem radical, though I could say the Protestant attitude towards Catholics is anti Christian. Being intolerant and judging others views is not what Jesus preaches..

    And Catholics aren't taking or adding anything to the Bible, please show me where Catholics made there own version of the Bible that's so vastly different?

    The Bible is pretty clear on what's required to get into heaven : believing in Jesus as God.

    Nothing in it says Catholics aren't allowed. What your saying is very prideful, you are not any more special than other Christians. Your supposed to treat your neighbors kindly..
  2. The Bible is most specific with John 3:16 and all Christians believe that is the way to salvation. Catholics put a lot of focus on good works as well, but other than that all Christians believe salvation comes through faith. Sure you can pick out other scripture that condemns people to hell fire for specific activities, but if they take John 3:16 to heart, who the fuck are you to say one part of the bible trumps another. The fact that any christian would say that Catholics aren't christian when they started and built the damn religion in the first place is beyond any rationality. You and other christians are welcome to believe they aren't proper christians, practicing it the right way...hell that's nothing new, the US especially has always been a battle ground between different denominations, but to say these others Christians aren't christians is just flat out wrong. Telling other people that someone isn't a christian when you truly don't know their beliefs is bearing false witness. Yeah, a nice little sin. You see, someone like me, can look from the outside and see that while ALL of you are christian in name, very fucking few of you are in practice. Each denomination can talk the talk, but so very few walk the walk. Christianity in the world today would appear alien to Jesus if he were here today.
  3. I simply believe thay salvation is a gift from God you only have to choose to recieve and a gift shouldnt require a heiarchy and leader. Its America and they can however they please but I dont want to follow that way.
  4. Can't find a better place to add a thought that just popped into my thc filled mind...

    My headline, "Pope quits, signifying that conservatives need to give it a fucking rest"

    IMO, of course.

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