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Catholicism is BullSh*t

Discussion in 'Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality' started by ineedasmoke, Dec 24, 2012.

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    I say catholicism because that is the only religion I have experienced therefore the only one I can speak upon..

    I remember as a 7 year old in catholic school being deathly afraid of the nuns who told me if I didn't believe in god I would rot in hell for all of eternity..

    I remember being scolded by the priest for not remembering my prayers..

    What kind of system gives you a choice of believing what they say or burning in hell for all of eternity?

    And how is the same religion responsible for claiming to be so great.

    I'm sure if there really was a god the last of his worries would be punishing those who don't believe.

    My problem isn't that people are religious, that's fine.. but I have a problem when they claim that they're religion is true and you MUST follow it or you're a bad person and will go to hell.
  2. Old news buddy
  3. Who cares? Weeds old news people talk about it everyday
  4. Obviously you care, care enough to get on the Internet and cry about it.

    All I'm trying to say brother is don't dwell on negative things... (ex #1 RELIGION) and just focus on the positive.
  5. Your confusing me man, you just said its old news as If no body cares? So I said who cares if its old news it still can be talked about like many things..

    And now I'm crying? Oh thanks for informing me, I didn't know I was tearing up over here
  6. I just said crying cause..... Ahhh. Nevermind
  7. Ya. The whole -you are a human therefor you are going to hell unless you give us your money and sell us your soul- thing is a bit extreme, isn't it?
  8. Catholics teach the worshipping of idols and repetitive prayers, no thx
  9. Nearly all of the Christian denominations teach the same thing, to varying degrees. So don't just hate on Catholics.

    It's all man-made BS in my opinion.
  10. You are a fool if you thing Protestantism teaches the "same thing" as Catholicism. Aside from the major things that link us together as Christians, they teach completely different things.
  11. I'm a fool, huh? How old are you? Did you even read his original post?

    I was replying to his points about having been taught that their way was the only way (exclusivity), you would be condemned to hell if you didn't follow it, etc.

    He didn't comment about any other teachings, and neither did I.

    I stand by what I said: "Nearly all of the Christian denominations teach the same thing, to varying degrees."

    The "same thing" being exclusivity.
  12. I detest the fact that Catholics get labeled as Christians in many social circles. They are as far away from 'Christian' as agnostic or atheist.
  13. How? They both believe in jesus christ the bible's teachings, while atheists think its total bullshit. The only difference is interpretation , just like other christian denomination. Just like Jehovah's witness,mormons and just like Westboro's church. Just because you don't like their views doesn't mean you can exlude them from being christian. It's pretty childish for a christian to think they have such a great interpretation on them that if someone's interpretation differs too much ,they're suddenly not Christian lol.
  14. Catholics are catholic, Christians are Christians.
    Generations ago, Rome did not agree with the teachings of Christ and created a fathom religion based off of Christianity. They taught the worshipping of idols (statues), which is a direct violation of one of the commandments. They also prayed to saints and use repetitive prayers, which is a big no no in the bible.

    There are other differences that are in violation of most Christian codes, but if you do consider yourself a Christian, then be my guest. I would t worry too much about it. I don't consider religion a big deal, but what counts is your relationship with God, and you repent of your sins and be a better person. All God asks is for you to have him in your life; religion is man made.

    Pray to God in Jesus's name, Amen.
  15. The did not agree with the interpretations of the teachings , a big difference. In the end of the day it boils down to interpretations using the same resources.
  16. [​IMG]

    Can I ask what your definition of denomination is?
  17. If they're not in my denomination they are HEATHENS!
  18. Lol fuck all the religons. Christianity forced people to convert, and those people are all the faithful christians. Shits sad.

  19. The Catholics believe Mary was deity, while the Bible clearly teaches that she isn't. The Catholics believe the pope is a 'perfect man' and the head of the body of Christ here on earth. Christ is the head of the body of believers and only Christ. The Catholics believe that only the Catholic church has authority to forgive sins and that you can lose your salvation. Scripture clearly teaches only God can forgive sins and once you are saved, you are always saved. The Catholics also believe baptism alone saves, which is not true. The Catholic church also believes they have authority over Scripture and only they can interpret it. Scripture is revealed to the believer by the power of the Holy Spirit. There is more, but I'm not going to go on.
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    A quick google search debunks your first two claims, I don't care to check the rest.

    Blessed Virgin Mary (Roman Catholic) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Papal Infallibility | Catholic Answers

    But whatever you need to make up to feel superior to THE INFIDELS.

    edit: Fuck it. I'm bored.
    -Remember, your interpretation of the bible is of course going to differ from others', but it's still based on the bible.

    "The Catholics also believe baptism alone saves, which is not true."
    Why not? Because you interpreted a 2000 year old book differently?

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