Catfight, MEEEOOWW!!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Big Poppa Puff, Jun 13, 2003.


The winner of this catfight would be...?

  1. Ashley Judd

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  2. Shania Twain

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  1. Who would come out the winner in this catfight Ashley or Shania??
  2. Ashley all the way!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. ashley would kick her ass.....
  4. something about the full moon starting to rise always make me think of Ashley Judd.

    Ashley may be skinny but she has got that crazy Kentucky Hillbilly blood in her. I don\'t want to take her on myself. If you did whup her, you know her sister Wynona is going come looking to stomp your ass. ....and that raises another thread starter for me. :D
  5. When I made them naked fight in a pit of chocolate spread Shania came out on top.

    This isn\'t to say she won necessarily.


  6. MEEOWW!:D
  7. i know this is off topic but zia are you a man or woman
  8. lol... its hard to tell sometimes isnt it lacrosse. :D

    sorry zia. dont hate me for trying to be funny. ;)

  9. LOL :D
  10. I dont care about kentucky blood, if any of you met anyone from Timmins, you would understand Shania would cut her ass on the ground in 15 seconds max... that drunken canuck technique.... unbeatable...
  11. Zia is all female!

    Ashley would kick Shania\'s ass with little effort. No doubt. She has fire in her...Shania doesn\'t.

  12. Shania may get Ashely down, but Ashleys big sister Wynona would jump and gang up up Shania.

  13. OMG i just discovered this and i haven\'t laughed that hard in a while...i had to read it outloud to make sure it was real, i laughed so hard. i thought i might have hallucinated in my high stage...that is very funny poppa!!

  14. Your Welcome! :D

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