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  1. I know theres a lot of sprays out there but since my plants have been flowering is there anything else i can use to kill the damn caterpillars ? Id rather not spray at this point

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  2. Either BT Spray, pick them off, or be at the will of bud rot and caterpillar shit :smoke: mmmmgood
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  3. Ditto.... If you don't want to spray bt (which is scientifically proven safe) or anything, then your only option is to pick them off and hope for the best. But you WILL lose some of your harvest. Caterpillars are a**holes and eat the best nugs first. Good luck.

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  4. If I were you, I'd be spraying Monterey BT right now or lose a good part of your crop to caterpillar shit and bud rot. BT won't hurt your crop but may very well help alleviate more damage. Remember, the caterpillars have to eat the leaves that absorb the BT before they die. Next season being proactive with prevention ahead of time rather than waiting is the key to a successful grow.
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  5. BT for sure. You can use it up until the day before harvest
  6. Yea man. Forget about all that bullshit about not spraying. So dumb. Not everyone can get away with that. Spray BT every 3 days. I spray every 2. Been in flower for 8 weeks now and have prob lost less than a quad in 20ft by 14ft canopy worth of buds aka nothing. and can't find any mold. Really hard but when I do I'll find the caterpillar (always within 5 inches of mold), pick out the shit, and spray a little hydrogen peroxide. One of my mold sites from 3 weeks ago looks the exact same size today. Doesn't grow.
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  7. Idk about u but I rather have 10lbs of dank as opposed to 1lb of "spray free" dank. It's not like we are talking about floramite here lol. BT doesn't even have a taste unless you harvest right after spraying. Some people go as far as spraying their drying buds and even then still nothing.
  8. My buddy literally lost like 80% yield all because he didn't use BT. Not until week 6 but by then the plant was infested and didn't work. You gotta start from the beginning

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