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  1. Hi, somobody know what will solve my problem with caterpillars. I tried catch them last night. But i didnt see any caterpillars. 20317225_1587157051317309_1251029275_o.jpg
  2. BT once a week, every week is the fix.
    bacillus thuringiensis
    This is the one I use from the local garden center.
    Running a bug zapper helps too and I keep one about 10 feet from my main grow.

  3. I live in Czech republic so its hard to buy one of these BT
  4. You rarely see the little bastards until it's to late because they are tucked deep in the buds against the stems where they cut the tips from the forming buds.
    They will infest a plant so badly you can't use it left untreated. Them fuckers cost me most of my first good grow when thousands of them poured out of my hanging buds and it was all full of worm crap and mold from them.
  5. It's a fairly common chemical world wide and used mostly for Tomato hornworms and tent caterpillars. Ask at the local nursery for tomato worm control.
    Many things will do the job this is just a very mild and selective one with very low risk.
    Spinosad will get them too as will a wide range of much stronger chemicals.
    We just try and use the lowest strength agent we can find.
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  6. What about home-made BT?
  7. Thanks for help, I will buy some BT. But its weird that new holes appear once a week. I hope its from caterpillar and nothing else.
  8. What about locust? Outside are many locusts
  9. @malinak132
    Locusts - Grasshoppers are to big and any poison strong enough to kill them you don't want on your weed. Grasshoppers really don't do serious damage to the buds. I'll accept some minor fan leaf damage as it doesn't slow the plant down and I try and grow as clean and pesticide free crops as I can. Crush the big bastards when you find them.
    BT for the caterpillars
    Green Cure for the Powdery Mildew
    And that's all folks.
    Mites I'll find a few leaves with punched holes that is their damage but no live mites.
    I'll find some leaf miner damage but again no bugs. Nature takes care of many of the bugs you'd have to treat for inside as someone came along and ate them up.
    Catties and mildew are the two I have to deal with myself.
  10. Thanks much. I have holes on 5 leaves a there are not so big, if damage will increase, i will use BT. I listen your advice and bought BT on catterpillars for tomatoes.
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