Caterpillars in mid flower

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  1. Hey GC, I am having a problem with caterpillars in my outdoor grow. I came across some buds that have began to rot, so I removed those specific buds and upon deeper investigation I found caterpillars munching away on the insides. I sprayed the plant heavily with neem oil in veg state, but it seems like the caterpillars didn't mind. What can I safely use on my buds to keep caterpillars off? I have azamax but I haven't sprayed them with it since I was worried it was too late into flower. pics if requested

    thanks!! :)
  2. Start spraying weekly with Bt. It is harmless to humans and can be used up to harvest.

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  3. Thank you I appreciate it
  4. Grandevo.

    BT shows up in concentrates.
  5. @Bulldog11 -
    How do you know BT shows upin concentrates? Do you have lab results?
  6. No it doesn't....Acceptable pesticides that cause zero harms to humans have no need to be tested for. Unless you're drenching the buds in the stuff, it's not going to show up or be looked for.

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  7. Yes. Spinosad for sure and I think BT are failing samples, and have been for the last couple years. Lots of people competing in the emerald cup found this out. I guess don't quote me on the BT, but lots of people have switched to organic essential oils, venerate, regalia and grandevo for these reasons.

    @Allofthemtaken I am talking cannabis in California, which has it's own list of allowed pesticides. Doesn't matter if you drench your buds weekly, or once in flower lightly, these tests are super sensitive, especially in concentrates. In a couple years, you fail one of these tests and your crop will be destroyed.

    So yea, I moved to proven products that I know California allows.
  8. I'm in California and have all product vended tested. Haven't failed any tests because of BT and would t worry about it, its harmless to humans.
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  9. I agree with you, spinosad is a benifical soil bacteria culture. We happen to use it as a pesticide. Same with bt. So only way you would possibly feel effects from it would be to ingest mass quantities or be a bug. As in day to day doses this stuff does nothing to humans. That goes for OMRI certified not synthesized versions of these.

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  10. Correct, I just posted referring to spinosad. BT is the same as in it a benifical bacteria that on effects certain insects.

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  11. I work with concentrates in California and we test everything.....BT hasn't been an issue. Its been around since 1961 I believe, and since it was one of the first biopesticides it was put through a very rigorous screening process, meaning, its safe as fuck. A big safe middle finger to those bud-eating cattie pieces of trash.
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  12. Well, I stand corrected on the BT then. Spinosad for sure will fail tests, and show up big time in concentrates. BT just isn't effective at the concentrations used in the Safer brand products. I still recommend Grandevo and Venerate any day over BT sprays. To each their own. Thanks for clearing that up PioBoy79
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  13. You scared me for a sec. I'll check out those other products. Personally I can find Monterey BT easier so thats the brand I use. I'm also a lazy ass sometimes so I buy the ready to spray stuff. Blessings on your buds friend
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