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Caterpillar or Mad Hatter?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by pmtoker, Oct 29, 2003.

  1. Who do you think was more fucked up, The caterpillar or the Mad Hatter? Share your thoughts.
  2. Hmmm....that's a very good question. I never thought about that. Obviously the Hatter was crazy, but *what* exactly was the caterpillar smoking?
  3. I think it was the mad hatter, or i dunno.....If the catepillar was smoking weed i dont think he would have been such a big asshole though, you know??
  4. well the mad hatter is mad because of their hats.. their hats were made of felt and they needed mercury to mold it. that's why people who wore those hats went insane..

    the caterpillar is just smoking a hookah filled with probably weed..

    The question is, by fucked up do you mean stoned or do you mean fucked up insane life??? :|
  5. Didn't the caterpillar always smoke from a Hooka?
  6. id say the hatter, just cause hes f-ed up for life, the catapiler would just be messd up for a litle.
  7. the hatter was a nut but that caterpillar was stoned out of his mind
  8. I appreciate the replies. And you have a point. The caterpillar was a jackass.
    What i want to kanow is what in the hell they were serving at that tea party.

    Thsi is the city, man, so obviously I mean stoned when I say f***ed up!

    People are strange when you're a stranger-Jim Morrison
  9. rofl i just rememberd that the worm thing actually did have a hookah rofl damn all these kids cartoons and books are so fucked up lol
  10. The caterpillar was on mushrooms! He was smoking hash in the hookah, but he was on mushrooms! Here, look:


    Attached Files:

  11. omig that picture blows my mind right now. Just because you know that picture is meant for little kids and that bug is holding a fucking piece of paraphenilia (spelling?) Oh shit........Whew....

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