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Discussion in 'General' started by glass_girl420, May 17, 2006.

  1. Brian's latest hooka.

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  2. hang on, ill be over in a minute.
  3. amazing. period
  4. gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous :smoke:
  5. Beautiful.

  6. /agree
  7. Wow That is awsome. But its not a hookah.
  8. why?

  9. The main reason is that its designed to smoke weed.
    This is a controversial topic, weve had this argument in a previous thread. I guess im a hookah purist. I call those upside-down bongs, or a communal bong.
    Although some would argue that it is possible to smoke shisha (hookah tobacco) with the proper bowlpiece, that pipe was intended for smoking weed, and a hookah is intended for smoking shisha.

    These are hookahs:

    As I said, this is controversial, thats my view of it, but because we've already discussed this previously, im not gonna argue about it.

    Nonetheless that is a sickass communal bong.
  10. lebowski is right, i own a hookah and hookahs are used with coal around the bowl to heat uo the contents inside the bowl wich is usually shisha. but hookahs are traditional for smoking hash also.
  11. i don't care if its a hookah or not its still tite as hell. i'd like to have one. i like the colors of it alot. looks like fun man enjoy it
  12. thats beautifully splendtacular
  13. Thank you to all, and thanks for the info. I never smoked from a hooka or a communal bong before. I recently tried a bong and didn't care for it unless the water was warm. I like my J's!:)
  14. nicely said lebowski, and that is a very nice piece of glass.

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