Catepillars burrowing in my buds....

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  1. I have a major catepillar infestation, already lost 3 large tops trying to save plant. Catepillar damage is extreme from buds with tunnels through them, to dieing molding buds to catepillar poop in the buds, one 6 inch bud had 7 catepillars inside it, ive inspected and removed about 30 catepillars total from just 1 plant but i need a way to ensure they dead and gone, can i like leave my hose in the sun to bake and use a mist end to scorch the catepillars or will that hurt plant more? Is there anythiong i can do with stuff around the house? Any predatory insects that will end this nightmare? Tell me quick every minute another catepillar is eating my sweet sweet cheba!
  2. I just wanna reply with, wouldnt neem oil and hot peppers( i mean super hot powerder/real garlic/merrphy's. i think they would all die!

    Just my .02
  3. See, here's my problem with that, I am about a week and 2 days away from harvest and the last thing I wanna do is spray my buds with some nasty smelling stuff like garlic pepper OR neem oil ( p.s. Have you smelled neem oil? Imagine that smell reacting with the MJ oils and staying thru the curing process. Bleh!). Im trying to figure whaqt to do without chems if there is any :-(
  4. Try out nicotine. Its supposed to be really helpful with bugs. I'm not sure about caterpillers thoug because i didn't get a whole list of insects/bugs it would be good for. But anyways you can spray it whereever you want and i guess its supposed to be good also because after a few hours the taste and stuff from the buds should be gone. Well thats atleast what i read in a few articles online. If you want to try it just put like 3 or 4 ciggies butts in 400ml of water and just let it sit there for 24 hours. It should start looking just like ice tea. If its way way darker just add some water to it till its lighter color. Well once you did that poor it through some kind of filter (i used a coffee filter) and then you can start spraying it on the plant. You can store the nicotine in a frigs for about a month. I am not sure how good it will work but i just sprayed some on mine today because i have spidermites. Hope it helps
  5. At the store i have we have a "safer" product that can be used on tomatoes and stuff for catepillars, active ingredient being something like "baccilus thuringis" or something, i was wondering if thats good? They eat treated foliage and stop eating and die 3 days later.... Sounds messed up, i just wanna make sure its safe for human consumtion being used on herb?
  6. Ummm Idk about that. Why dont you ask someone at the store just say its for your tomato plants
  7. go buy some fungicide 3 from walmart.. its for tomatos and shit..

    before you harvest .. mist your plants down with water..

    and harvest .. :smoking:
  8. I would go with the Neem and pepper solution and then just rinse them off real good with WARM water when you pick them. Cold water will knock off the THC chystals but warm water will just was the plant. I did it with my last batch and can tell no difference.Another story, I had a catepillar the size of my finger on my tomatoes eating the tops off the stems and I drew my knife and took his head! it almost gagged me though.. next time I'll throw em in the neighbor's yard instead.. yuck!
    Before flowering try Floramite. I use it outside and inside I use Ladybugs. It's really cool watching them enjoy life and buzz around and if they are happy they will be humpin too hehe..
  9. that is exactly what you want to use, search that chemical name and "ask ed" their is a webpage their about treating budworms i would just cut them the buds are going to be horrible those worms steal all the good stuff
  10. on you next grow, spray them down a couple times with neem to kill everything off before flowering.

    I deal with thrips most the time, and spray them down at least once of twice while vegging, this kills off everything before they even get a chance to set in....problem solved.

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