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Catchin' a buzz

Discussion in 'General' started by mundi, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. Some shots of sweet, sweet brandy and smokin on what seems to be an unlimited supply of j's coming out of my big bag.

    Catchin one o' dem buzzzzz thangs ya heard what I said? :eek::eek:

    What's good with the city today? How you all doin? :smoke:

    number three, by the way, home slice hot dogs and burger women.
  2. I'm more hungover than I've been in six years and burning through the last of my stash to try to counteract the nausea and headache. Woo....
  3. last of your stash? damn brother that hurts to hear. it's been a long time since i didn't have a large stash that keeps refilling itself =P or maybe i have something to do with the filling?

    hope your hangover gets better my duuude. i don't really get hangovers, I make sure to drink a lot of water when i'm gettin trashed
  4. Most of my dealers have vanished, so I find that I'm left without weed some days. Never used t be like this; no idea what's happening. It's also a money thing, but I just inherited a shitload from my uncle, so I think I'll just go buy a pound or something. That should last a while.
  5. Yes it should! my shit's not incredibly dank, but it's that decent shit, ya know what i mean. 2 1/2 ounce bag and not a seed to be found. so i'm straight.

    ej deezy jak tam? masz AIM?
  6. i think your joint's pregnant. id leave it laying around and see if gives birth to another joint.
  7. lol that joint looks like a drunk toddler rolled it
  8. I feel you, I used to be able to turn around and find weed when I was in 9th grade, now I'm in college and can't get a fucking bag WTF
  9. Man todays been great.

    I took today off due to my heel. I got a case of bursitis and it caused some bruising on my achillies tendon & heel.

    But today was nice just to relax. It's been getting better- but today it felt amazing. I started applying heat and started some light excercises I remember they made me do when I had broken my ankle a while back (physical therapy)

    Picked up a nice bag this afternoon. Now I think I am going to get some beers, smoke a bowl or two and do some reading on my beautiful sunny roof top adjacent to a great tree with brids that will sing till the sun sets.

    I hope you're a little jealous j/k
  10. Sounds like an awesome day. Oh and is that Call of Duty 4 i see the background on that tv? Im about to go play some right now actually.
  11. i didn't see this shit! haha i've been chilling on my roof outside all day in the sun, right next to a nice big tree with pink petals that conceals me nicely from the rest of the neighborhood. i put a blanket out and i'm comfortable as hell. :)

    yeah my joints get pregnant sometimes hahah i prefer to refer to them as "juicy in the middle" :smoking:

    you play CoD4? if you're good would you be interested in playing competitively for the [GC] clan?

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