Catcher in the rye

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  1. I'm sorry to have to put a book question on a stoner site but I need some help here and grasscity has helped me alot ( :,

    okay so wat is the theme of atcher in the rye.. What did the author want to tel you about life?
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  5. The author was telling us that the Nazi's would eventually rule the world. Everyone knows that, dude

  6. yah that's what I was gettin at but I just needed another oppooin ... Thx...
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  10. It also talks about the alienation Holden felt after his parents and sister Phoebe were killed in a terrorist attack

  11. I like how you go through the troubke of finding out his sisters name haa... But waitt??? Did they die in a plane crash?
  12. Yeah dude terrorists hijacked the plane and someone fucked with them so they detonated:smoking:
  13. read the book man, it's good.

    it's not very long, it's easy to read. it's moderately interesting, you could read a few chapters in a sitting, and it'll be done in just a few days.

  14. I didn't need to go through any such trouble...I've read the book before.

    His brother's name is DB, in case you were wondering that as well. He's actually a goldfish who is a Hollywood writer.

    And no, they died in an IED explosion down by the duck lake in Central Park.

  15. but hat doesn't answer where the ducks go in the winter time

  16. I did reedit... I'm just not good with theme...... I feel like my opopions always wrong
  17. its about holden tryin to give bitches 'the time'

  18. Of course it does. There were no ducks to go anywhere because they were all blown up. Notice how the taxi driver doesn't want to talk to Holden about it? Well of course not...he was part of the terrorist attack.

  19. But they later relized that they didn't actually die, they were tansformed into sombies. After the transformation they spread the disease like wild fire, half of New York City was lost within hours.

    Holden knew it was all his brother DB's fault. You see DB wanted to kill everyone includeding Holden so that he can recieve all the money in the family, little did DB know Holden went to fuck strippers in hawaii. Thus causeing Holden to miss his date with death.

    Holden Knew he had to re kill his family to stop the virus but they were super zombies. They had the strength of an entire army, it would indeed by a difficult task but Holden was prepared. He knew of a force that would make him strong, To retrieve it, well thats another story for another time.....
  20. In all seriousness it's about alienation and growing from that alienation.

    It's a cyclical theme in the book. Allie dies, Holden is alienated. DB leaves for Hollywood, Holden is alienated. Holden can't do right in school, and is thus alienated. Holden gets his shit rocked by that prostitute's pimp. Alienated again. See the pattern? This goes the whole way up until the Mr. Antolini (I think I'm spelling that right) incident toward the end of the book, after Holden's "Catcher in the Rye" diatribe (and even that is about alienation).

    The fundamental turning point in Holden's viewpoint is when he spends the day with Phoebe. He decides he's going to right all his wrongs upon returning home, instead of continuing to run from his problems.

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