Catch Phrases(or phrases your known for)

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    1) Man last night I was Astral Projecting........ *this is my main one*
    2) Have you Astral Projected before? *2nd main one*
    3) (when ever I meet new people) "You interested in aliens?"
    4) (different catch phrase when meeting new people) "What do you think about life off earth?"
  2. "But how is that even possible?!"

    "I'm so........mundo"
  3. "If these symptoms continue you may wish to consult your physician..."
  4. "Your dad must of been a drug dealer cause you're dope."
    My name aint Fred Flintstone but I can make your bed rock. (I knew this one before lloyed said it on wild 'n out)
  5. 1. For tits sake!
    2. Sweet Jesus tits.
    3. Your a Nazi douchebag.
    4. Jesus was the original zombie.
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    You are smoking some potent fucking shit, what the shit hahahhahahahaha
  7. This is the shit I say when I'm straight. I'm stone cold sober right now:mad:
  8. 1. (when something goes wrong or someone fucks me over, which is almost daily) fuck me, right?

    2. trust me, im not a doctor.
  9. "Fuck you, blow me, have a nice day"
  10. "Well ill never turn down greens"
  11. Cool story brah

    What you want a cookie? (when someone is all excited about doing something that's nots super impressive to begin with)
  12. i wasnt aware 'want a cookie?' was that widespread
  13. Been saying it for years, can substitute medal for cookie also instead If you wanted lol
  14. Tit ole biddies
  15. 1. Fuck me Freddy!
    2. Same Shit Different Day
    3. Put your man pants on.
    4. Dude, that girl has the sex appeal of rectal cancer.
  16. "y'all want to hear any conspiracy story's?"
    Every one else:"not again"
  17. 1. Damn son!!
    2.hell fire
    3.these people dont know how to drive
    4. Are you kidding me??!!!
    5.what the fuck
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    "Hell fire"
    You read Thomas covenant?!
  19. I almost forgot

    5) Oh you're from Alabama? Bet you fuck your cousins! Roll Tide!
  20. "I seent it"

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