Catastrophe Crow

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Apophis, Oct 17, 2022.

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  2. I Would Definetly Play Catastrophe Crow. It Looks Really Fun. Can People Buy It Still?

  3. Well, the main problem with Catastrophe Crow! is that Manfred Lorenz, Nils Lorenz, Thea Lorenz, Opus Interactive and Catastrophe Crow! itself never really existed.
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  4. What Do You Mean It Never Existed?

  5. The entire thing is a very elaborate fictional story by Adam Butcher.
    But Adam Butcher was able to make this more believable with gameplay footage that he was able to produce due to his occupation as video game developer.
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  6. Ohhh Lol I Was Hoping It Was A Real Game. Looked Fun.


  7. I would have played it if it was real.
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  8. Yea Same Here. Do You Like Other Games For N64 Tho?

  9. Everything Rare did back then was usually pretty good.
    Catastrophe Crow! used a Rare game as a base.
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  10. Yea I Love Those Banjo Kazooie Games As Well An The Others Too. It Sucks Catastrophe Crow Was Not A Real Game Tho.


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