Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by lawn mower, Oct 2, 2002.

  1. I'm getting a few very small catapillars coming out of my bud which is now in the drying process. is this normal for outdoor growen bud ? Will this affect the bud or just add protein?
  2. No it is not normal, but they wont do any real harm, may eat a little of the bud (but just to chill out! lol), i would just inspect the buds and make sure there are none lurking having a free meal.
  3. Cheers Mcurry i just didn't want to see me buds get all eaten while their drying.I also have another question for ya.
    My other plant which i left out as it was a little small doesn't really smell when your near it but if you squeeze the buds they allmost smell of apricots or orange mix but my other plant smelt really sweet as i know it should. have you ever smelt bud like this?
  4. No, but it sounds like a good one! The smell tends to really develop during the drying/curing process anyway, so i would think that it will change before you actually get around to smoking, but sounds tasty now! lol
    I still have mine growing, the weather is looking good for the next week so i will leave them until it looks as if it's getting cold again, then chop!

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