Cat stole my weed

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by 420Powerz, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. Not to long ago I left a baggie with a 5piece in it on my computer desk, to come back later and find it missing i went nuts looking for it/assuming some1 took it... turns out some1 did take it. I saw my cat a cuple days after this playing with something in her mouth, i laughed as i turn to my cuzin and said "wouldnt it be funny if she took it" So i walked over twards her and she booked it away as soon as she saw me and holy shit she had it, tore the bag up and was playing with the bud... Sad to say i couldn't smoke it... but atleast i found it!
    I was more happy then mad because i couldnt stop laughing at all the drama this cat put me through trying to find it when she had it all along.
    Hope yall like the story
  2. Funny shit dude,
    My cat has done it too.
  3. haha, my friend has like 12 cats at his house and every once in a while he'll feed some bud to some of his cats and always makes me laugh.
  4. Funny stuff, Did the cat eat any? wouldnt do anything really, just would be funny
  5. Ha ha thats great, i hope he has a good stash spot cus those cats r probably looking for that shit hard if hes feeding them it haha

    Lol i dont think my cat did eat any cus she was just sorta playing around with it. I hope she ate some of it tho cus it was a waste of bud!
  6. haha thats crazy man
    one time me and a friend fed one of my dogs a seed
  7. My friend has a house pig, funny i know, and one time we had an eight of some white widow and we couldn't find it for like 20 minutes. I kept saying the pig ate it cause i saw the chewed up, slobbery bag in his mouth, but i was so high every time i said "the pig ate it" i laughed because it just seemed like such a funny situation so my friends didn't believe me. I had to grab the bag and show them, when they saw it everyone got pretty pissed but the owner of the pig bought us another eight so it was alllll good :smoke:

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