Cat Seizures: Caused By What??

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  1. My cat has been having seizures for roughly 6 months now.
    He never had them up until my sister lived with us & brought her dog INFESTED with fleas & the fleas got onto Mister Kitty.
    At first it was just fleas, but when the fleas became EXTREMELY bad & covered him with flea bites is when the seizures began.
    We used flea bombs on the entire house, gave him MULTIPLE flea baths & got MANY different flea medications to put on the back of his neck/in between his shoulder blades. Now, there is a very small number that remain, if ANY left at all (the fleas are NOT the cause behind his seizures, that much is clear).
    Mister Kitty will start scratching himself (because of the flea bites) & the scratching will get somewhat intense, until he's suddenly having a seizure. He will roll around violently scratching himself & pedaling (kicking his feet as if he were riding a bicycle), he will also bite onto things (usually himself, but he has also bitten my lower back & knuckle on my finger, my boyfriends hand/fingers, blankets, pillows, & even his metal food/water bowls once), when he bites down he gets what seems like lockjaw (when he has bitten myself & my boyfriend before we end up having to pry his jaw apart to get our body parts free & the injuries are pretty horrific). While having his seizures there is NO sort of foaming at the mouth or anything of that nature. Usually we can get the seizure to stop by covering him with a blanket (or something similar) & firmly holding him down. Once the seizure has stopped we wrap him in a blanket & hold him. He will be breathing heavily/rapidly & his eyes will dart around. Afterwards he will sometimes hiss at us or do an angry moan/growl. He also will sometimes bite at us afterwards, not too hard though (definitely hard enough to hurt, however!).
    We found that besides him scratching himself his seizures can also be triggered by myself or my boyfriend scratching him in a certain area/areas (usually it's his lower back/just above his tail or the back of his neck).
    Because of the violent scratching during his seizures Mister Kitty has given himself some pretty nasty, deep cuts/gashes (mostly on the back of his neck & around the base of his ears). He has even given himself some bald patches where he has scratched off a majority of the fur (if not all of the fur).
    The frequency of the seizures varies. Some days he'll only have one seizure for the entire day & there have also been times he's had three seizures within an hour.... But lately, they have become more frequent.
    We are not sure what to do, but my boyfriend & myself view Mister Kitty as our child, he is EXTREMELY important to us & we love him like family &/or our own child!!
    What could be the cause of these seizures? While we have our own suspicions of what may be the cause, we would love & appreciate ANY & ALL insight on the subject!
    We want to figure out what the cause behind his seizures are & hopefully find a treatment to help control them, if not a way to cure him & stop the seizures completely!
    If you have ANY idea what the cause may be or ANY advice on what we could do &/or use as a treatment/cure PLEASE reply to this post & let us know!!!!
    Thank you!
  2. The fact you are calling your cat "Mr. Kitty" shows you are a creepy cat lady and the cat is trying to kill himself.
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  3. Now I may be wrong...there could be some decorated cat experts on GC.. but if I had to guess, this is not the place to seek help for cat seizures.
  4. Take Mr. Kitty to the vet. Right now.
  5. The fact the you've let this go on for 6 months is honestly quite saddening. Fuck you.

    Fuck you.
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  6. You know there are cat forums???
    This is a weed forum.
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  7. Yeeeeah , now I've discovered this but I didn't know when I made the post
  8. OBVIOUSLY if I felt he was in actual danger I would take him to a vet !! He's been FINE & I make sure he is okay , healthy & comfortable .
    Therefore , fuck you <3 :)
  9. Definitely exactly what everyone thinks of when think of a "crazy cat lady" , right ? (;
    He actually loves his name being Mister Kitty ! Wanna know how I know that ? He told me so (;
    Clearly , you should kill yourself <3 ^-^ xoxo

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  10. We don't actually have enough money to take him to a vet right now ):
    We've called all our local veterinary offices & the quotes we've been given are outrageous & WAAAY out of what we are currently able to afford )':
    We have been saving up money for the past few months to take him in , so hopefully we will have enough saved up soon to be able to take him !
    Luckily , it's not EXTREMELY serious & for the most part we're able to prevent him from hurting himself to badly & stop his seizures almost immediately after they begin .
  11. Although we've prevented him from hurting himself majority of the time, as a result he ends up hurting my boyfriend & myself more than himself ..... /: I have some scars on my lower back & my left middle finger knuckle & my boyfriend has a few scars on his fingers/hands as well, from Kitty having bitten down on us while he has a seizure & since he gets "lockjaw" we, literally, had to PRY his jaws apart to get him off of us..... );
  12. See?? CLEARLY I'm no "crazy cat lady"!! :)
  13. As you can see from this photo, I am OBVIOUSLY not a "crazy cat lady"!! (;
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    Umm....think you've got the wrong person lol. Cute pic though
  15. yeah, thats beyond crazy cat lady behavior.

    drown the cat, slit the boyfriend's throat and jump in front of a train before you procreate.

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