Cat piss

Discussion in 'General' started by longhairedbuds, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. Was just reading High Times and seen this strain mentioned in it called cat piss, does this actually smell like cat piss? and if so, shouldn't this strain be youthanised? I mean I know it's weed but common who wants to smell like cat piss? I don't even wanna know what it tastes like :eek:
  2. I have a feeling it is more of a joke from that South Park episode.

    But, I could be mistaken. lol Cat Piss buds
  3. yes there is a strain called catpiss.and it is a strong sativa if im not mistaken.i also have had the pleasure to smoke this glorious strain once. and if u say u wouldent want to smoke it then.u just dont know what good weed is.
  4. I meant that it is a joke name. Not a joke strain :)

    And I would try it for sure! Can't pass up buds called Cat Piss lol
  5. can't pass up on buds period.
  6. well its not a joke name either lol
    it REALLY is called catpiss clone only strain from california.
    the smell truely reeks lol
  7. Not saying it's not good weed. I would just rather smoke a strain that doesn't smell like cat piss. I am never desperate for weed never smoke shwagg and mids and I definitely know what good weed is. Would you smoke a dogfart too? If your medical I don't know why you would pick a strain that smells like cat piss when there are so many better smelling strains that's all I'm saying.
  8. well i would pick it because well idk its different strong smell.(it dosent literally smell like catpiss but its like almost a stinging smell to it like ammonia) kinda like sour diesel dosent exactly smell like diesel fuel.
    what better smelling strains do u prefer??

    catpiss strain review
    [ame=]YouTube - NUGGETRY Cat Piss Strain Review[/ame]
  9. From the review it sounds like it is more of an ammonia smell like you say. When I was searching for it there was a guy on a forum talking about it smelt like he sat in cat piss. Afghani, Northern Lights, White Widow, Skunk #1 & 2, Blueberry, G13, Orange Kush, Grandaddy kush, African Kush to name a few. Not really picky just thought that stuff smelt like straight up cat piss lol.
  10. lol yea not really catpiss.
    like skunk strain does not really smell like an actual skunk's spray but close haha
  11. ive had a lot of bags of does have a distinct smell but ive never been able to find clones or seeds
  12. this,
    but yeah i bet its just a name, never had the pleasure of smoking "cat piss" before
  13. I smoked something call dog shit once. It was one of the best strains to go around this city for a couple months. I just assumed dealers came up with random names to make their stuff sound cooler.
  14. Just smoked some supposedly med grade buds at a girlfriends house (it's the mid-west who knows where it actually came from) , it had a very distinct smell and cat piss and pomegranate. Nice head high and relaxing but not paralyzing body stone. I gave it a thumbs up.
  15. My friends couch smells like fucking cat piss
  16. thats to bad bro i prob wouldn be hangin out wher the sofa smell of cat urine ;)
  17. From what I understand in small amounts under 1/4oz it doenst smell very much and you cant really tell but when have a large amount the smell intensifies and smells like straight litterbox.
  18. it all depends on how good the grower is man just like nething else
  19. it is some of the best smelling pot ever actually.

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