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Cat Piss (Pictures)

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by wisern, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. #1 wisern, Jan 29, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 29, 2009
    Just ran by some Cat Piss tonight... Wanted to share my pictures! I just smoked a joint of it and so far I am not disappointed :smoke: Half O for 200... ehh maybe a little expensive but whatever, was a new connect so I guess prices will get better. :p



  2. Im not an expert, but that does not look like great quality bud. Mids-high mids i think. But hey, i could be wrong. I would'nt of payed 200 for it bro, i think you got jipped a lil
  3. I had some haze that smelled like cat piss.
  4. he said it was catpiss, so i think he`d know the difference between headies and mids. nice buds man i have yet to try catpiss
  5. Hehe have you ever heard of cat piss bro?
  6. Nope :p,
    just looking at the pics lol
  7. Haha wordddd. :smoking:
  8. There is no way that that bud is mid-grade, look how fluffy it is, you can clearly see that it's headies.
  9. Hell yeah.. either you guys are big time pot snobs or you don't know the difference between dank and mids.
  10. i dont know the difference xD
    half a bowl of anything at this point fucks me up lol
  11. thats not the full half ounce by the way.. some of it got smoked up tonight XD
  12. Atleast he's honest, haha.

    Please don't become a typical kid on the site. Arguing over quality is bullshit. I'd suggest you learn A LOT about herb before debating with the experienced members here. And then spread your knowledge of what you've learned- people will appreciate it more.

    Good looking bud man! Oz's of shit like that are running $400 in Jersey. Mids are DIRT cheap here, no pun intended. Usually $100 an oz, and it's great for cooking. My roomate paid close to $500 for an oz. of canadian outdoor. Nice bud but, a little stemy and shit.

    Once I get a job going, I'm going to pick up an Oz. Gonna sell what I can to make some money back, and smoke the rest. Enjoy the CP bro.
  13. haha word.. stay tokin :smoke:
  14. Looks dank. Lots of orange and red hairs.
  15. prices are definetly steep
  16. i dunno by looking at if it its good or not round here i'd call that dank weed lol plus im diggin the purpleish bud towards the top
  17. damn dude im sorry but i think you got ripped. at least in ohio a half O of mids is like 110 - 120
  18. What part of Ohio? I live in the northwest and get half Os of mids for 75-80.
  19. haha sorry i meant an O. half an O here is like sixty. Im in bowling green
  20. Yeah i was about to say. I get half O's of mids for 50 in northeast ohio
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