Cat pee'd in my soil

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by Jpotherm, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. I accidentally locked my cat out on my back patio last night and he pissed in my soil that I have cooking. Is the cat pee going to mess up my soil in anyway? It's a 10gal smart pot.
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  2. I mixed up a couple yards of soil awhile back. The house came w 2 cats. Unfortunately, I was too dumb to realize the cats were pissing and shitting in it. Totally fucked up an entire run and I had to throw away the soil. Can't remember how long they had access to the soil. Apparently it's a strong N source!
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  3. The nitrogen in it won't hurt anything. My guess is the cat shit is what fucked off your soul last time
  4. Cat peeing in your soil is considered good luck in some cartel circles.
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  5. Piss is loaded with urea. Way too much nitrogen. If you buy it the stuff is like 50-0-0. You can get away with 1 but keep the cats away. I've had mine shit in my indoor no till bed lol.
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