Cat found taped all over

Discussion in 'General' started by Yaysatan101, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. Wow thats horrible, i really wish i hadn't seen that cuz now i feel awful :(. Some people are just plain fucked up tho...
  2. Hope the dude that did it gets shanked not kidding.
  3. Wow. Not cool.

    Animal cruelty, what selfish people.. People who do things like this need help.
  4. i wish i could play with my cat right now. Fuckin dorms wont allow pets >=[
  5. That's horrible. I wish I could find the culprit and do the same to him/her.
  6. Thats just sad.. I feel bad for the poor fella. :(
  7. Sick fuckin bastards.
  8. Immature teenagers who have nothing better to do with their lives i'm guessing :confused:
  9. Pretty much. I think it's kind of funny, but not really. Poor cat. I'm sure they have some sort of solution, that wouldn't harm the cat, that they can dip the cat in to loosen the adhesives in the tape.
  10. damn poor thing. imagine seeing there moving its head but not being able to move. damn
  11. I dont get why they'd do that to the cat, im pretty sure an animal shelter would take the cat for free.

  12. I think originally it had it's head taped up too.
  13. Some fuckers in my area were getting them and cutting off their stomach skins. So fucked up. I hate violence towards animals, namely pets. If anyone touched my dogs/cats, they would feel the fury of a skinny white guy.
  14. People freak over this shit too much imo, it's just a cat. Much worse things are happening to thousands of cats across the world right now than being duck taped also.
  15. So just because there is worse shit happening it doesn't matter?:rolleyes:

    That's like saying "oh this murder doesn't matter, people over seas are killed all the time"
  16. Just cause worse things are happening to other cats doesn't mean this one deserved it. It's the fact someone would take advantage of a creature 10x smaller than themselves.
  17. what a stupid way to abuse an animal, I mean it could be A LOT more cruel than that and it's not impossible to remove duct tape from hair but still man

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