Cat attack!!

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  1. Alright so i THOUGHT i had my grow sent all sealed up and all of my cats OUT of the room while i was gone,
    alright so came home after work to find one of my cats inside my tent, with 2 or 3 plants chewed on :mad::mad::mad:

    the plants are only 4 weeks old, Grow Journal Here For Pics.

    The cats just chewed a couple of the tips of the biggest leaves, only on 2 plants. im wondering if i should get a sanitary pair of scissors and cut of the chewed part of the leave? or should i just leave her and let her grow??
  2. Im not an expert but my cats have done the same thing and I just left it be and everything turned out just fine.
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    ya my friendskitten was playing with his plant when it was like 4-5 weeks old and it sliced a lot of the fan leaves pretty good but it didnt harm the plant at all just made her ugly for awhile. if ur cats keep trying to get in judst put mothballs on the bottom of ur tent. you wont like the smell but the kittys will stay away, far away. not much talk about mothballs on this forum but a quick google search for mothballs in gardening and you will get all the info you need. they are toxic though so if you have retard cats i would suggest putting it into a closed but aerated container so the smell is still there in case for some reason they dont mind the smell but i doubt you would have that issue.
  4. Haha alright man thanks, i have RETARTED cats, maybe from the 6 years of smoking weed around them every day hahah :smoking:

    But i am just going to leave the leaves, how ugly they might be, and see how she turns out. i sealed the tent with duct tape so those fuckers aint getting in there anymore

    thanks for the advice

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