Cat and a mouse.

Discussion in 'General' started by PunchingZebra, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. I chased a mouse around my room for like 30 minutes blocking everything that it could go under. I let my cat in and he catches it in like 30 seconds. I just got shown up by a cat goodnight GC.:eek:
  2. That's not fair...Cats have evil powers and you're only a mortal.:cool:

  3. Am i right this picture is for me...
  4. hahaha win!

    Lucky you didn't get that look of "Uhhh, fuck off, you do it bish" from your cat. Mine does it to me all the time..
  5. hahahahhaha true, cats will fuck some shit up tho that is faw shaw...
  6. Why do you have a mouse running around in your room?

    What will the department of sanitary have to say about your room?

  7. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! well i live in the country for one and were my phone line is there is a more then enough big whole that the cable guy put so he gets through that...
  8. Oh I see...

    Yeah... I can see how the mouse might have gotten in...

    Through those little holes.

    The cable guy should have blocked that hole, not just leave it open like that...

    Lucky you got a cat.

    Did your cat eat the mouse?

  9. naw once he had it caught i took it and put it outside didnt want blood all over this badass white shag hahaha.
  10. That's great... I mean, I'm glad the mouse got away with its life...

    I'm sure there are other things a cat can eat.

    Afterall, he just has to catch a mouse to survive, he doesn't have to eat it.
  11. It was just doing its job, I guess. Heh.

  12. Also why i took it from him that little guy doesnt live that long anyways so i helped him out...:smoke:

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