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  1. i am changing to 12/12 tonight...YAY!

    a few of my plants are already quite large, and i have already identified 3 females from the pre-flowering, so im concerned that once flowering begins and males show up at what stage will they pollenate the other plants as they are touching each other in the growroom...

    obviously i will be checking them out daily and will catch them and execute them as soon as their little balls rear their ugly heads...

    (please dont squirm in your seats all u men reading this)
  2. hell yeah chop there balls'd say approx 4-5 weeks is when the pollen sacks would open.....depending on strain.......but take no chances, as soon as you identify them......(should be at approx 2 weeks) get them out of there.........Peace out.........Sid
  3. Howdey,'babe!
    Are your plants in separate re-arrangable containers? If you can place the known fems upwind of the others that can be some protection. Mainly you have to check the undeclared c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y and closely at least twice a day, because they can be as sneaky and devious as Chester the Molester, and pop out while you are not looking, and suddenly you have a sifting of golden powder on some foliage. Keep an eye on the fems, incase you don't know the precice genetics. Some are so unstable and turn hermie if you look at them too hard. Some are the peak of survival art. In an all female garden, they may sneak in a few males at the peak of flower production. It is all part of the adventure, girlfriend!
    L8R girl
  4. thankx sid, earth girl,...

    yeah i can shift them a little, unfortunately the largest of the lot is the one im worried bout going male coz its just like taking over my space....ill move it to the other side of the room as far away from the ones i reckon are fems...

    i was just a little concerned that itd pollenate the others bfore i realised, but i guess its just a waiting and watching game for now...i pray to god its female coz its a damn fine specimen if i do say so myself...

  5. Males generally show first (not counting pre-flowers), and they tend to grow taller, with longer internodal spacing. If it is male, and yet a beautiful specimen, you might concider saving those genetics for a cross with some outstanding fem futurea.
    I can generally weed myself from 15-20 sprouts down to 5, saving the earliest emerging, the stoutest stems, the early lateral sprouters, and the shortest internodal spaces. I have hit 100% fems by that formula for the last three grows, and better than 75%, for many grows before.
    Eg says you grow girl!
  6. wow! great result earth girl!

    i checked it out after getting off hte pc yesterday, and i think its showing some pistils...just not big enuf to see yet...fingers crossed.

    another question while im at it...

    i have 6 bubblers running at the moment and really dont think ill get any more than this from the 9 in veg...i decided to put 3 into soil yesterday (vermiculite/perlite/organic mix) rather than start another 3 bubblers for no reason...

    is this going to stress the plants a great deal...the 3 ive moved have never been in bubblers, just in soilless mix getting flood and drain...however if any in the soil turn female i WILL move them to a bubbler....have i done a bad thing here due to sheer laziness???

    i am keeping the ones in soil away from the others just incase, but it does mean theres hydro and soil growing going on in one room. is that bad?
  7. High 'babe
    Hydro and soil growing are not mutually exclusive, just complicated. The tranfer to soil may cause a slight delay in progress. Depends on how much shock they suffered. But sometimes, a plant wasn't really happy in hydro, and will take off in soil.
    Once again, it is all part of the adventure. You can't be afraid of taking risks in the growing department. (As long as it does not compromise your security department.) It is a sure way to get experience(what you get when you don't get what you were expecting!)
    The earth girl says "keep on keepin' on, chikky!"

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