Castration for rapists of children - I fully support this with a rusty knife!

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  2. I've been saying that for years now. It needs to be done.
  3. i can't believe i've never thought of it myself lol
  4. i would have to agree on that bill, children are literally scarred for life. Its intolerable to have repeat offenders so why not make it impossible for more. plus who the fuck would wanna get charged with that after a bill like passes, i think they would think twice before having there johnson removed. But my question is if you lose your waterspout then where the fuck goes the water. catheter(sp) im guessin?
  5. ^^^^^^Suck it up and spit it out...honestly they could just plain die from it and I would be standing there and applause!

    That doesn't answer your question but it's how I feel about those kinda people.

  6. i agree also with that statement, i just always wondered what happened to fools that were castrated if they just pee freely or what,lol. But as you said Fuck em, if they cant use their tool correctly then they dont deserve to have one, nomesayin!
  7. Well sit down like a woman I guess...
  8. Castration = cuttin' of the balls, not the dick lol
  9. what are they gonna do with 1,000,000+ rapist cocks?

  10. lol, i guess i should of known that, i have had to band of couple bulls on my farm before, but all that does is destroy the production of testosterone. they still have dicks to molest kids with, i say full castration then make them look like ken dolls,lol.

  11. thank god i wasnt chinese and born in the ming dynasty time, they take your scrotum and everything,:eek:
    thanks for the quick reference Leapfrog:D
  12. this is from that wikipedia page. im pretty sure its impossible for a guy not to cringe while reading this this :

    "Standard practice in France from the Middle-Ages to the French Revolution was to crush the condemned's testicles in a vise, which burst them as mush from the scrotum, then crunch the spermatic cords with pliers. The condemned was turned upside down in order to maximize the blood flow to his brain after which he was unable to pass out or enter a state of shock until, perhaps, the last few seconds of his ordeal. The condemned was sure to vomit repeatedly with violent convulsions, even well after he had voided the contents of his stomach, but he rarely screamed except for an initial shriek, which immediately silenced, because the pain overwhelmed his ability to breathe. Most men would hang and thrash wildly during and after the crushing of each testicle, and their thrashing would renew upon the crushing of each spermatic cord, This torture method (accompanied by others) was usually reserved for the crime of regicide or attempted regicide. The condemned was mercifully put to death afterwards, but his torture routinely lasted for the better part of a day, witnessed by large crowds. It is interesting to note that, whereas most crowds were instructed to jeer, mock, and ridicule the condemned, and did so even during a disemboweling, and drawing and quartering, most crowds remained silent and stared with shocked expressions as a castration was carried out in this manner. Onlookers, male and female, are recorded to have vomited at the sight of the spectacle. The crushing of the spermatic cords produces a sound, which veterinarians (who routinely perform this castration procedure on anaesthetized, large livestock, such as horses) usually describe as similar to crushing an entire head of frozen celery, wrapped in rubber bands."
  13. Castration of sex offenders is law in eugoslavia and is mandatory still. Either way rapists of any kind deserve a castration and a slow painful death.
  14. i cant support this simply because .... yeh just yeh haveing no ball and dick ahhhhh!!! i think sex offenders should just be killed instead of their cocks being ripped off

  15. they should make some sort of bologna/summer sausage out of it, and make any new offenders eat said sausage right before they get the chop. sound good?
  16. Hammurabi would be proud of you guys, others might feel sick to their stomachs at your Draconian vengeance.
  17. Speaking of castration, I just read a story last night about a guy who castrated himself. (GOOD MORNING GRASS CITY!!)

    Anyway... I think before we start lopping off balls, we should just reconsider the sentences that child sex offenders get. It's criminal that a child rapist might only get 5-10 years in prison. I think life in prison is more then appropriate.
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    Castration is just the removal of the balls. It does not sexually impair a person, except psychologically and reproductively. All castration is is an angry punishment.

    An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. People do "wrong" things because they are lost.

    We are all brothers of the same source, if we don't help those who don't understand who will? What sense is there in indulging our emotional anger towards them and hurting them further? They are already deeply hurt and disturbed, doing things like this is of no help, in fact it is more likely that a sexually traumatized person who becomes a rapist will become even more sexually traumatized and confused and perverted once his balls are forcibly taken away from him.

    What kind of sane society does humanity claim to have established, where all it can think of is emotional retaliation rather than really dealing with and working with the issue? More evidence that the human world, society, government, legal system, are all at their core irrational and emotionally biased because that is indeed what humans are.

    True equality and justice do not exist, only eye for an eye retaliation and relative equality in tolerance, not in real feeling.

    I am completely against this bill, humanity needs to find the humaneness and sense in itself and spread it, not emotionally retaliate to already mentally handicapped people with inhumane tactics. I find this bill absolutely disgusting. Help the criminals become better, or at the worst isolate them from society as the process of helping them is occurring. Leave them in the prisons away from society if they cant seem to be helped so that they cannot harm - ok - everything else is just performing criminal acts itself while hiding under the veil of "justice" which is really "retribution".

    This is no way for humanity to absolve its issues.
  19. Thanks for that wonderful story(that link). Really. :confused:

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