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  1. I just got the new castlevania: lords of shadow, for my PS3

    Despite some average reviews on IGN, & gamespot, its actually an incredible game.
    It has the same style play of God of War, except its not 6 hours long, its like 25 hours long, there is hella lot more story, and the music and graphics are insanely good.

    Overall its a great game, of course, ive never played it sober, so It could just be my weed talking.

    Either way, get this game, get baked, and play it on surround sound, with a juicy 1080p LCD tv.
    (make sure your using HDMI)

    It is quite an experience, and im about to load another bowl, and go play s'more
  2. Sweet - Try Dead Rising 2 yet for PS3? Pretty awesome. I'll probably check out Castlevania when I'm finished with it (ahh...brings me back to the days of playing the original castlevania on nintendo lol)
  3. Haha, funny you should say that, im gonna get that one as soon as im done with Castlevania.

    And yeah, I used to play castlevania all the time as a youngster, in fact, I still play symphony of the night on occasion.

  4. Just got some info and saw the trailer, definitely looks interesting. I knew that Lords of Shadow was a reboot but I completely forgot it was being released around this time. I haven't played anything else since Symphony of the Night since I didn't like where they were going with the series (especially when they start coming out with games like Castlevania 64 or Judgment).

    Great to hear that there's a lot of play time. I do enjoy ones that have more than 10-15 hours in the story and it looks like they put a lot of effort in the development of this one. Single-player and good storytelling these days seem to be eschewed for multiplayer and DLC that people will dump and criticize anyway.
  5. I'm excited to hear about this game, but alas... I don't own a PS3 or a 360. So I stick to my 8-bit and 16-bit Castlevanias. I have been a huge fan since I got Bloodlines for my birthday when I was like 9 or 10. You can't beat 16-bit gore!

    For the record, I wasn't a huge fan of any of the Castlevanias for PS2 or XBOX (or anything after Castlevania 64 for that matter) so I'd like to know how Lord of Shadows stacks up against these. I just always thought vanquishing Dracula was much cooler in side-scrolling format. :cool:
  6. I completely understand.

    I've been playing the vania since I was a kid.

    This game is awesome, super cinematic, and beautiful to look at.

    Although, I haven't really gotten more then an hour and a half in, so I can't really tell you how it stacks up to other castlevanias.

    But it's still a great game nonetheless.

    One thing you should know though, this game is punishingly hard.
    Like ridiculously hard.
    Seriously hard.

    Then again, I am playing on the hardest difficulty, and I'm blazed outta my fucking mind.

  7. Harder than Demons Souls? That game was a nightmare.
  8. Agh, I couldn't say, I never played it (although I did hear it was very tough)

    Let's put it this way, I play alot of videogames.

    I have been a "gamer" since birth, and I play all my games on the hardest difficulty, and I can easily say, that this is definitely in my top 3 for difficulty.
  9. Well trust me on this one; Demon souls will crush to your top spot of hardest games! Give it a try, you won't regret it (;

  10. lol, by leaps and bounds. Hands down the most difficult game I have ever played - and I have been a gamer since Atari days.

    Oh, for what its worth - check out the PSN title Terrover. Also pretty difficult, but fun if you give it a chance.

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