castings as a sprouting medium

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  1. I have heard of using pure earthworm castings as a sprouting medium and wondered if anyone here knows anything about it or has tried it.

    I have some Happy Frog. Which would be better?

    Thanks in advance, as always. Maybe after a few crops I will be able to offer advice as well!
  2. I'm familiar with this. I'd just start em in some good rich soil, no added ferts and then pot em up into pure worm castings. I've used worm castings in my mixes a lot but never tried pure castings before. I've heard it's great for the plants but who knows. I'd play it safe till someone who's tried it can tell you for sure.
  3. Hi-

    You probably could do that, but it's not really practical. Like Johny said-just use some decent plain soil. The less fuss at this stage, the better. I like to use seedling starter mix-available at any garden center and very popular this time of year. It's made from peat & vermiculite, so it stays moist and doesn't get compacted. Worm castings are fabulous-they won't "burn" your plants at any stage...but a little goes a long way. Usually one part castings to 4 or 5 parts soil or propagation medium will do you fine.

    I keep a worm bin in my kitchen. Yes, a giant Rubbermaid box, right near my table. It doesn't smell at all. I highly recommend one (or more) for anyone with a garden of any sort. :D

    Peace! :wave:
  4. i make my own potting soil using happy frog and my plants come out great, they really seem to love it. While you could use 100% earth worm casting there really is no point i think your better off with the happy frog, less time and hassle and makes a great soil.

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