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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Dankdro, Sep 21, 2003.

  1. Lost all my chronic money in the casino last pissed right now, what should I do to make this up? Any advice
  2. HIGH All, well the first thing.

    Just kidding my friend!!!!!!!! I thought maybe a little joke would give you a laugh right about now, when you need it. I have no advice for you....but what I do is work and the money I make dosen't go to weed....I grow that and have doing so for many a year. Some people around here have your goning to laugh...but hey!! Garage Sales and I know people who made some good money at it.
    Anyway good luck and I hope you find something.....our sacred plant should be free for All who want to use it.
  3. Sell your body. Sure, it seems glamourous(sp) but you'll end up spending every penny you earn on jewelry and skin-tight pants. However, a kidney can get you $20,000.
  4. grow your own....... might take a little while butits well worth it in the long end... not only for the smoke but for the satisfaction that you helped bring it to life...:)
  5. suck it up.

  6. i prefer slurping it up.....:p
  7. start looking EVERYWHERE for change... i got $95 worth of change saving mine up, i thought maybe it amounted to $30 so you never know!
  8. play poker...Which casino?

  9. tables are the bestw ay to lose all your money./.. stick to the slots.... last time i rocked the casino... i won 1,400$ in two jackpots........ paid for my entire trip to the bahamas....
  10. I played blackjack and roulette, also slots are the worst way to go, it is all luck, at least at the tables their is a little skill involved
  11. You know this post is 15 years old right? Many of the people posting here today probably weren't born yet when this thread was made.

    Op, if you are still around I say borrow some money from your friends and go back to that casino, and play keno until you are rich enough to buy the place from those scoundrels.

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