casino night. (hiding weed from my parents haha)

Discussion in 'General' started by scoobydooby67, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. well tonite i went big on the casino.

    was up 800 on blackjack (i have never won at a casino that didnt have poker) but got greedy and came back down half.

    this blond chick beside me was distracting as hell,

    we really hit if off, im normally not attracted to blonds but she was so southern-sweet and was thick in all the right places.

    she was wearing - my favorite - black sweatpants.

    she had a FAT ass. just wanted to bite that shit.

    i love cute girls. hot girls are usually too into themselves to warrant a relationship (not saying i dont rail em)

    but im a sucker for "cute", and this one was a winner.

    but we were both staying with our parents so an overnighter dice.

    which is kinda funny, im older then the legal age but i still choose to hide my weed from my parents.

    i just got back from the bathroom where i smoked a yummy bowl which chased my percoset/voltaren/valium cocktail quite nicely.

    (quick tip for an on-the-go sploof: spray deodorant on a damp cloth and blow through it -

    it makes funny brown lip shaped stains on the towel)

    my parents actually dont care anymore, they care about and will not tolerate cig smoking, which i quit,

    but after much hell in highschool they dont care about pot anymore,

    and i openly talk about it with them.

    its just that this room is in their name

    and god forbid authorities find weed when my parents have paid for the room, meals, and my gambling money for my birthday present.

    im now sipping on Captain Morgan's private stock courtesy of my brothers bday gift.

    thinking bout chewing another percoset.

    what yall up to?
  2. Man, im at work, BOGUS!

    Sounds like a blast though for real, i havent been to a casino, but come november, Here i come Vegas lol

    Sucks you didnt get to take chick home either, how are all the pills doing ya?
  3. drool.

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