Cashier wrote down my name when buying cigs

Discussion in 'General' started by BlackVenom, May 23, 2010.

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    ANSWERED. Deleted content to stop the stupid replies.
  2. If you're legal, and no one carded your friend, I think you have nothing to worry about
  3. Yeah, it was probably just in case he came up 10 bucks short at the end of the day. You really have nothing to worry about.

    But damn, a pack of cigarettes costs almost 7 bucks nowadays?
  4. They're going to find you.
  5. ohhhh i want a cigarette
  6. I wouldn't fret, it's buying alcohol for minors that you gotta worry about... which you should never do.
  7. Dude she probalbly wrote down your house info, don't be suprised if a swat team is spying on your house!

  8. here in chicago its about 9 bucks for a pack of newport hundreds. it blows.
  9. $7-9 for a pack of cigarettes?! Jesus, I thought $5.36 for a pack of Reds was bad.
  10. alright, thanks fti. It just wasn't cool that he wrote down my name.. lol.
  11. He knows about the marijuana...
  12. hahaha this :hello:
  13. hes gonna sneak in ur bedroom and stand over your body while you sleep
  14. if the money don't balance at the end of the day...he's coming to get you.......sleep with your one eye opened
  15. Holy shit... a cashier has your name written down... call up a private detective. You need to leave the country ASAP.
  16. I'm pretty sure here in NY you can now be arrested for buying or selling cigarettes for minors, correct me if I'm wrong.
  17. you're fine man, don't worry about it
  18. when i worked at cvs.. i had to write down names for refunds and trades, so that's probably what he was doing no need to worry....
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    It was a Death Note
    You're going to DIE bro
  20. lol ^

    I did have a dime bag and 80mg in ritalin. Spidey senses tingling.

    A/w this thread is getting stupid.

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