Casey Anthony Nude?

Discussion in 'General' started by BMORE HiiiGH, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. What do you think of this? Will she accept the offer? :laughing:

    I mean its a high demand if she want to make money its a good idea. People dreams would come true.

  2. Okay... I think she's guilty of killing her daughter. I think she's scum. I didn't really follow the trial/story that closely.

    That being said, I am curious to see her nude in a weird morbid way.
    The crazy girls are always the wildest in bed ;-)
  3. I wonder how many people would actually buy the magazine. I've seen quite a few people saying she was "hot"
  4. ehh, I wouldn't buy the magazine most likely.... I'd find the pics online :)

    I'm sure plenty of other people would buy the magazine though.
  5. Utterly disgusts me.
  6. Ill probably yank my stick to anyone but her, no matter how hot she is. I also wont respect anyone who does. She doesnt deserve media nor sexual attention. She needs to die with no one, not even her own mother remembering her memory
  7. Eh I don't think she'd do it. If I was in her position I'd lay the fuck low for a long ass time, more negative publicity is the last thing she needs....
  8. I understand that people of celebrity being nude is awesome, and I even sort of understand the morbid curiosity... but I still struggle to understand why anyone thinks she's hot.




    ... she looks so rodent like. she's average at best.


  9. Uhh. she's not even hot?
  10. put the beer goggles on that usually works
  11. Even if she doesn't accept the offer some guy will probably leak pics of her at some point.
  12. she has big tits, but i mean...

    ...fuckin evil
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    I completely agree. Even the most remote chance of her reproducing again sends chills down my spine.
  14. so this is what happens when you do something to get noticed, she gets offered 1/2 $1,000,000,000 to pose naked. I'd do it.
    anybody else know that she got offered $1,000,000,000 to take a lie detector test?
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    Proof please?
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    $500,000 =/= $500,000,000 :rolleyes:

    One is half of one million dollars, while the other is half of one billion dollars. There's a massive difference.
  17. Casey Anthony is my hero

  18. Actually one is half of one million :p You knew that but y'know, I'm a dick and all.

    Larry Flynt needs to wheel his ass out to a regular city/neighborhood/street and offer a hot girl there half a million. Lots of celebrities aren't even that attractive, just them being (in)famous makes them more appealing to some people I guess.

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