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Cases of accidentally mixing quick fix with minute amounts of dirty urine?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by throwaway_ayy123, Jul 3, 2019.

  1. I used quick fix 6.2 plus and got to the sample time without any flaws. I peed a little on my fingers and rubbed it into the top interior of the collection cup to give it a pee smell. It didn't streak and almost seemed to leave an almost invisible streak where I did it (it didn't even change the smell befire I decided to stop). I'm afraid that when they poured it into the secondary vial that some of my own urine got mixed in... will this affect my results?

    Note: I should have been able to pass since I am prescribed amphetamines and stopped smoking, but a so called friend "accidentally" gave me valium. I have a 5 panel test so they may not even test for benzodiazepines, but I'm afraid that trace amounts of my dirty urine may get mixed with the 20ish mL of quick fix. I ask here because the other drug testing subreddits take too long to accept accounts to post.

    Has anyone had this experience and did they pass? I just want some peace of mind.
  2. Lol you peed on your fingers. People never cease to amaze me
  3. That's what I did too and now I'm freaking TF out. Please tell me you passed the test.

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