Case-Closed: Missing Pipe has been abducted.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by AimedForDeath, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. Well, my family is on vacation in Florida for two weeks (untill the 21st...heh works AWSOME), and I'm watching the house. Before they left, my mom was taking shit out of my room and I came home and my glass pipe was missing. So I called her up today and said "Hey did you clean my room before you left?" and she responded with "Yeah, and I found somthing of yours"... She's found my pipes before and has taken them, but I thought she got over that and accepted the fact. Well I told her that I would like it back, seeing as how I wasn't using it in her house, and it would be out the next day because I never keep my stuff here. Well she got all "after-school special" on me. She was being a complete bitch about it, and I understand her points, but she needs to understand mine of privacy. I guess this is why I need to move out. She told me if I don't want this problem anymore then I need to move out of the house, I think I should take her word for it.

  2. hey afd I was in the same position as you were for the longest time. Well I finally bought a vaporizer and have had no real way of hiding it. The first time they saw me with the box and asked what it was I was completely honest. Let them look at it and hold it and showed them how it worked and how much better it is to be vaporizing then smoking. They didn't accept the fact and actually tried to buy it off me (not for their use, just so I wouldnt have it) and I simply replied with trust me if you knew how much I paid you would be thinking a lot differently. Well anyways, now it just lays in my room in plain view and they haven't even touched it. My guess is just have everything in a little safe box maybe with a key?
  3. aw man that pipe sounds awesome
  4. Shite! I hate it when that happens. Always argue the right of ownership! So what if it's in their goddamned house?! YOU paid for it; therefore those who didn't pay for it cannot take it.

    They at least owe you the right to dispose of it yourself, if nothing else.
  5. My mom wouldnt dare touch my star wars figures, and right behind them....hehehe!
  6. Man Educate your mom about marijuana, im guessing your voer 18 and show her its very very safe and she would rather have u be smoking weed than drinking, and tell her the rock hard facts about marijuana, get some rock hard sci facts about it and proof her ass wrong, and if she wont beleive it, show her movie grass and shell shut the fruck up after that i'm 100% sure of it :D
  7. I hide my bong under a huge pylon.

  8. Take something small of her's, but something that's important, see if she notices haha..
  9. WOW! I don't even remeber making this thread.. heh. I must have been really stoned. =(

  10. damn man nce pipe! why do moms always have to be bitches bout that type of thing RIP bowl:(
  11. ahaha same thing happened to me...

    i had this SICK pipe, it was so nice and was probaby around 50 dollars 5 years ago..

    and i left it in my pocket and my mom went up and got my wash and did it

    i come home from school and there it is sitting on a peice of paper with a BIG exclamation point on it...

    it was pretty smashed, but i just took res hits off of the thing (since it was really old and had tons of it) and threw it out

    havent heard a word about it since


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