Cartridges real or fake

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  1. It was all good, I got my pen from an official store so I don’t why I should be worried but as I’m searching online for more vapes. Some say the dark oil is good or bad or watery is bad and thick is good, so the one I have it’s dark and thick and I got it from an official store so it should be the real deal right? And this is also for buying vapes off the street.

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  2. Whats the bottom look like???? or the cartridge part.

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  4. Thats how i check what i get in a state as myself that its illegal. At least just take a couple tokes and see how it goes before you go to town lol
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  5. Ok thanks
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  6. It's a real cart, rhythm prints their logo on the bottom of it, which your cart has.

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