Cartoon about teenage shark superheroes?

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  1. I remember this one cartoon I used to watch as a kid about these sharks who turned into teenage humanoid crime fighters. Kinda like TMNT...but with sharks.
    A little big vague but that's all I really remember..oh and I think the villain was some bald dude with an eye patch.
    Anyone know the name?
  2. Street Sharks
  3. There we go. Thanks, been trying to find the title forever.
  4. there was a semi-nifty toy line too
  5. Yeah! I had quite a number of them as a kid.
    But my mom ended up throwing them away...
  6. I had the hammer head shark action figure, but he had wheels on his leg and shoulders so he could drive around like a race car
  7. I remember Street Sharks. My uncle got me the metalhead one with long hair and a guitar. Must have had a profound effect on me.
  8. I got that too! I ended up cutting his hair short for some reason LOL

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