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Cart Brand

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by LordDoggo, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. Hey guys, my friends have been getting their hands on a new cart, we used to use "Dank Vapes", but now they've got this new stuff and i cant seem to find it anywhere on the internet so if someone can actually guide me to this company that'd be great, but its called "Dragon's Blood Distillates Type: A+". Its really good stuff and 1 good hit can get me high for what feels about hours but is only about 45-90 minutes. Im not relatively new to smoking but im very casual and its never been a daily thing, so maybe my casualness just simply made me a light weight, but this new brand hits me like twice as hard than what Dank did in the same amount of hits. But yea im curious because i cant find this brand anywhere on the internet and i want to see if this brand is super legit or not. Ive been doing research on what good "carts" are and most say the liquid shouldnt flow freely "and this stuff sits like a rock taking forever to move wherever it was tilted, and they shouldnt have very large clouds, and this one doesnt either. So i think its really good legit stuff, and my friends even told me this is more powerful than dank but im looking for an official source and cant find it. Anyway, thanks for helping out guys!
  2. They have many people making counterfeit cartridges. They can make clear distillate using shit weed and still get high THC.
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  3. So in the end using shit weed still makes a good cart?
  4. Using the clear distillate method yes.
  5. So why is it considered counterfeit than?
  6. I wouldn’t smoke that shit but that’s just me. I vaped my nephew’s dank and just about puked. Uncontrolled bunk unless you’ve got labels and lab reports IMHO
  7. You can buy packaging for those big name cartridge companies. Look it up.
  8. Sometimes i can get a smooth hit and othertimes im hunched over holding down the yarf taking short breaths to fight it off. But its always a good high afterwords :)
  9. lol ok
    Sorry Lord I get the real deals from the dispensary. I’m sucking on a Prime OG Kush cartridge at 94% THC
  10. Im in Wisconsin so i cant get any of that
    im in wisconsin so i could only be so lucky.
  11. Sorry, I’m vaping up some diamonds and sauce. I’ll hit it for ya

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