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Discussion in 'General' started by Justin380, Oct 9, 2003.

  1. what kind of car does everyone drive
    me personally I drive a 95 buick skylark, it is pretty much a piece but it has a 3.1L V6
  2. I drove my stepdads 01 Ranger 3.2l 4x4 with a 4in lift and mud tires for 2 years when i lived with him. Now i drive a 1956 oldsmobile super 88 that my dad gave to me. He bought it for 5 grand 4 years ago. We did some work on it and it runs pretty well. Pushing 250hp on 8 cylinders with 10mpg haha... We must have spent another 3 grand on rebuilding that car. It looks really nice, and runs okay, hasnt broken down in a few months. I wont be able to drive it when it starts to snow though.. oh wait, i forgot, it doesnt snow in Georgia, i drove it from Ohio to here over the summer. I had my fingers crossed the whole ride down here, haha...
  3. I don't drive/have a car, but if I did I would like it to be a 1969 VW bus, or a new jetta.
  4. coupe deville with gold spokes!
  5. get a bike...............Edit by Bud Head.. No need to use that language!!!
  6. 97 neon
    5th time tyring to post htis....lol...bbbbbbbaked
  7. this is pretty much my car.. same color and same year but no pipes down the side... (1969 vette!)

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  8. "I would like it to be a 1969 VW bus, or a new jetta." bwahahaha.. that's all i'll say.
    my car isn't much better, though i'd like to think it is.
    i gotta '89 astrovan lt, two tone blue (dark blue bottom light blue top) put a 350 v8 in it, so it is kinda rare.
    i locked my keys in my van tonight :D gotta get em out tomorrow. i bought mcdonalds and brought it home and i put it in park, killed the lights, rolled up the windows, turned it off and reached for the mcdonalds and pint of vodka. the vodka/mcdonalds threw off my routine of pulling out the keys as soon as i put it in park... so yeahyeah. it happens to everyone, right? :D
  9. 1969 stingray (thats a nice car)

    i think its a 91? pontiac fiero. its a piece o shit tho cuz it dont even start. ha ha. got to work on it a little
  10. I just failed my driving test :( but if i'd have passed right now I'd be out in a Renault Clio (french car- great for a first car) so hey I am really pissed off. If my luck continues to be this poo-esque then the thing I've been counting down to won't happen. Ah well- still have my health- though if you'd told me that about half an hour ago I would have gone for your floating rib.

  11. the stereotypical "hippie" bus. why is it that people love these so much? i used to love them, but then stood back and realized. hey the engine isnt worth shit, can barely go 70mph new, its manual, and a shitty manual at that. the only thing i find good about it is it looks cool, but as far as saftey/handling/comfort/reliability goes, its shit.

    my $1.25
  12. i drive a 2000 Dodge stratus. Its the shitz because it came with really dark tinted windows, this comes in very handy when i smoke out in my car. Its 4 door, i didnt want a 2 door car b/c its really annoying lifting seats up and shiznit.
  13. 94' Ford Ranger, gets me to the coast and back safely home. Always get the bastered stuck though, I hate that shit! I dont care though, I just feel like smoking right now, later

    p e a c e

  14. What do you mean by "its a manual". I'll never chose an automatic over a manual. Better gas milage, less breakdown, cheaper to replace when they DO, faster acceleration, and just 100x more fun to drive.... And yes, i can drive, shift, and smoke at the same time haha....
  15. have you ever tried driving a late 60s early 70s bus with a manual? if you had then youd know what i'm talking about.... their nothing like the new manuals (which arent more fuel efficent by the way, its even now).

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