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Cars: Just don't smoke in them...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by floating_by, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. I haven't been a member here long, but I have seen so many posts about people smoking in their car, while driving or sitting still, and having a run-in with the police.

    Does anyone here follow the NORML guide to smoking?
    Among the simple recommendations, it states "no cars."
    I'm kinda surprised that people are so willing to drive stoned. You are still "impaired," -even though alcohol I think is a more dangerous impairment. None the less, you are still putting others at risk unfairly. :confused:

    Anyone else a "non-driving" smoker? :wave::smoking:
  2. I do smoke when I drive on road trips, definitely not when I'm slow rolling around in town, unless I'm in a car with some good tint.

    People don't understand that even if the car is sitting still, with the keys somewhere inside, not even in the ignition, and smoking, it's DWUI when that cop walks up to your window.
  3. I dissagree with this 100%.

    I agree it is a distraction to be in a car with friends smoking.

    I do not think marijuana impairs me in ANY way. I drive an hour home from work everynight and i am blazed the whole way home. I know this sounds like sombody in denial but i can safely say that i am totally unimpaired when alone in a car high.

    It can be a distraction when theres other people in the car but that has nothing to do with weed. people are always a distraction.

    Maybe its the amount that people have smoked? I smoke everyday for years, therefore i think i have much higher of a tolerance to someone who smokes occasionally.

    Somthing about me: I am really into fast cars and drifting. I drive a pontiac GTP with 315hp and a mazda rx7.

    However!!!! when im high i am 1000% percent safer driver and always obey the speed limit. The parinoia from smoking weed makes me drive safe. much safer than when im sober.
  4. I have pride in my ability to hit a bong while driving. The act of smoking in a car is not difficult, but you must be aware of your surroundings. Also, if your vehicle is moving then it's much harder to see what's going on inside.
  5. i don't smoke in my car but i drive stoned most of the time.
  6. Sure, that makes sense. But, I'm not talking about "getting busted" so much as staying safe on the roads. There's sure a correlation with cars and getting busted, that's what brought it to mind. But as a discussion point, is it unfair to others to drive while intoxicated? It just seems like there is a willingness on the part of MJ users to drive while high. We can agree to disagree certainly, but I don't agree with driving stoned. What are others' opinions?
  7. Isn't that the point of smoking though? If you aren't high, why smoke?
  8. I drive stoned all the time, and I have actualy been told by a few different people that I am a better driver when Im high, when Im sober I have a tendancy to wander around the lane cuz I zone out....
  9. I actually always seem to end up doing exactly the speed limit while being a safe driver, but i've also never gotten a ticket before. Its just another matter of common sens. I wouldnt hotbox while driving through a city :hello:
  10. i 110% agree with kamakazikillah. i drive everysingle day high. my father has been doing it for 30 years, driving over an hour each day combined going to miami and coming back. just use drops and they should NEVER know you are high. drive high, dont smoke n drive.

  11. Being "impaired" means to be less than perfect or not in whole condition. Some people can still be in perfect condition even when high. Or the medicinal users who need it to relieve pain.

    Though I do agree that more people should be driving completely sober and not under the influence of any drug (whether it be natural like cannabis or man-made like cough syrup/flu medicine). Don't just throw marijuana under the bus.
  12. I drive better stoned.

    When I'm sober, I get too ballsy and drive like a maniac...
    When Im high, I keep it cool.
  13. you either lack balls, or common sense

    because with both you can operate an auto easily to the same ability as sober

    i drove home on 4g of shrooms last night

    i bet u drive better on an indica..
  14. Really? Well i know people who have gotten drunk and passed out in their car with the engine off but keys in the ignition and got a DUI and heard otherwise they cant get you with the keys anywhere else.
  15. id smoke in a car if i had one.
  16. im fine with people driving high. JUST DONT SMOKE WHILE DRIVING. i dont care about safety buts its just asking to get fucked by the long dick of the law.. Its stupid and whoever does it doesnt understand consequences. smoke at home. All you risky smokers create a bad name for people who do it without ever getting caught.
  17. I smoke and drive every single day. My job insists on me driving so I smoke and drive. All you have to do is keep up on a few key things, and it is guaranteed that you will not get pulled over.

    Keep your car legal to be on the road.
    Keep all of your lights working on your car
    Keep a front and back plate on your car

    Next, just don't speed or break traffic laws. CRUISE CONTROL IS YOUR FRIEND!

    This is just common sense. If pulled over while driving just keep to a few rules and you will be fine.

    Bring what you need with you to smoke.
    Don't bring glass with you. It's a lot easier to eat a joint, then it is to get rid of a pipe while in your car.

    Keep some really good spray with you, I recommend Ozium.
  18. I don't smoke when I drive ever. It doesn't impair me, but it makes me absurdly paranoid. I'd rather avoid all the hassle and wait until I'm at my destination.
  19. I agree when driving high you are impaired, but the impairment is equivlent (sp?) to having a BAC of .05. Therefor I would have to say you are not impaired enough to put others at risk.
  20. i love boxing a car and then driving stoned but i do see the risks.

    im really careful though and could never seee myself getting pulled over while driving

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