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  1. sup fellow blades. im sure there arealot of u in here that are interested in cars. either as a hobby a profession...a job w.e post upv here about cars. Your favorite car...the ones u own...the ones u plan on me. ive been grown up with my parents always owning german cars. but my brther and uncle haveown imports...hondas nissans. andi prefer japanese imports but i dont mind hearing a supercharged V-8 flying around a track either. So yea this is a thread for talking or posting up picsof cars....btwim high and im posting this on my phone so ill edit it later.
  2. '98 Ford Crown Victoria, in navy blue.

    She is my pride and joy

    Same year as the one in the photograph:

  3. i own a 2002 audi a6[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  4. 1993 Mercedes Benz 300E

    Not my car in the photo, but the exact model and color

  5. same year as mine, but mine was a gold-ish hardtop.

    wrecked it, now i drive a '92 civic

    but its black, with different honda-spec wheels.
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    By GregD88

    Mine's red though.

    My grandpa just bought it for me about a month ago cuz I'm about to start culinary arts school
  7. Here's my ride. It's a 1993 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24. I took out the old and tired 3.1L MPFI V6 for an updated and larger 3400 V6. Right now she's successfully fulfilling her duty as daily driver, despite some minor issues that I'm working out. It is a 15 year old car with a swapped engine. It's a lot of fun, but more power is coming soon. Also has upgraded suspension (Eibach springs and KYB struts), and a sweet sound system.

    Out with the old.
    In with the new.

    Definitely a learning experience.
  8. Im a classic car fan

    Someday this beauty will be mine

    Pontiac GTO Judge

  9. My beast is in my sig, but I sold the rims since the picture.

    -docleary that's a big change from a 442 to a civic man that had to suck ass.
  10. List of cars I've owned:

    1988 Chevy Caprice - $1,500. Bought it from a dude who bought it from a police auction. Had all the paperwork and maintenance records. He rebuilt the motor and transmission, redid the weather stripping. Was a pretty sweet car. Looked like this pic but had black rims.


    1985 Ford LTD - $200... Power steering pump was out and so was the a/c. Bought it from the same dude as the Caprice two weeks later because me and a buddy was gonna make it a race car for this local race track, never did. Just beat the hell out of it.


    1988 Oldsmobile Cutlass - $2,000. Bought it from this older lady my Grandmother knew. Was garage kept and I don't think it ever went over 50 mph. I tinted the windows, did a little bit of work on the motor and added dual exhaust.


    Now I own a 1999 Dodge Durango - $6,500. Bought it from a car lot my Dad worked at. Did some suspension work on it and added some all terrain tires, tinted the windows, put new cd player in it, door speakers and subs in it.


    I want to own something like this:

    1970 Dodge Challenger:

  11. no dis respect but i hate people who drive crown vics..... they always fuckin scare me when im driving at night !!!!
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    I had a 2002 Z28 with a 5.7L LS1, it got taken back by the bank back in November. I miss that thing. Heres some videos, first two were taken the first week I got it and first time driving the 6 speed, the third video is me vs my neighbors 04 SVT Cobra vs a random V6 Mustang

    [ame=""]Stock 2002 Z28 15-80 run- Video[/ame]

    [ame=""]35-110 Stock 2002 Z28 Camaro- Video[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube - My 02 Z28 Vs, 2003-04 SVT Cobra Vs, 05 V6 Mustang[/ame]
  13. Heres a few pics of my wagon



    Ive also got a 66 beetle im workin on, its nothing to look at as it sits now though
  14. how i used to roll

    1990 talson tsi, evoIII 16g, o2 dump, 21 lbs boost, fmic, safc, lowered, sway bars, 17" alum 97 eclipse wheels (nice and wide)... some money

    black ice... expensive..

    wathcing your friend smash his head on the a pillar during the luanch.. priceless
  15. how i roll now. 1998 subaru outback

  16. ooooh, now THAT is sexy.

    does anyone own a bimmer or Audi?
    or something german.

    im gettin myself a 1998 bmw soon
  17. My car:
    1991 Mr2 Turbo

    -3'' all the way catless turbo-back
    -EMS intercooler
    -Tokico illumina struts
    -Rail, injectors, fpr, and tuning to come!


    [ame=""]YouTube - 1991 Mr2 Turbo Gt28rs Berk Dyno Run[/ame]

    Other cars I love:
    -R32, 33, 34, old skylines too

    Will post pics of those later^

  18. P.S. ^ is under construction

    It's a slow project because college = no money :[

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