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cars and shrooms dont mix

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DiAbLo420, Mar 29, 2004.

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  1. hey, well me and my friend decided to shroom last nite and we both ate about an eighth and drive on a mountain road. this was the trippiest thing ever trees were all fucked up and things runnin across the road and shit. take my word for dont drive on shrooms its not very smart. i almost kicked my own ass the next day for bein so stupid. haha

  2. Don\'t worry, theres still time left. Get to it. lol

    Yeah thats some pretty dumb stuff. Not trying to be rude, but i think it would be common sense.
  3. powerpoint!

    sorry bad joke...

    yeah, driving on shrooms is not cool.
  4. i remember i was driving on shrooms and just started staring at my speedometer in amazement. had to pull over and let my friend take the wheel
  5. I remember the first time I tripped, i was with 2 other friends. We decided to go and walk in this field next to the neighborhood. well another friend called, and said that the three of them were coming over. We met him outside near the field. He parked, then later walked with all of us to my house, lol..Anyway, the point.. I can\'t think of anything funnier than when my friend who drove over to my house, realized that he filled up on gas before and left (forgot to pay), leaving the third person stranded at the gas station. haha... thats my story as stoned as I can recall it ;)
  6. well i dont
    think u should drive on any substance until u
    no how it will effect u
    (i learned this from expierience)

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