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Carrying edibles on a plane

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mynameisneel, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. I know this question has been answered a lot before but they haven't been pertaining to my situation that much. I want to bring a wrapped clinic hubby bar from la to hawaii, i wanted to use the bar while in hawaii bc i cant smoke around my family, is there any way to bring it on without getting caught?
  2. Good luck getting any food passed the airport security...They don't allow outside food just for this reason. :wave:

    If you wanna try to tape it to your leg, be my guest....:smoking:
  3. dont even try. lax has crazy security.
  4. [quote name='"SEWONER"']dont even try. lax has crazy security.[/quote]

    This ^
  5. 1. Break it into a whole bunch of pieces
    2. Put the pieces in a condom and tie it off
    3. Boof it
  6. Why not just eat it before you go on the plane and enjoy your vacation without getting high? I know... that may sound crazy.

    When I went up to New York about four years ago, I made some bud rice krispies. I had them wrapped up and ready to take them on the plane. Though, I had a few and my mom got to talking to me. "You shouldn't bring those on that plane, they have drug dogs and whatnot!" I already had one or two hours before and was feeling pretty good. So I freaked out and thought to myself "... oh shit, she's probably right." I think I did a bad thing by eating a whole 8x8 tray of krispies made from an ounce of pretty dank shit.

    I was on that plane tripping fucking balls. I remember, I had to get up, like, every two minutes to feel comfortable and I know all the people on that plane knew I was fucked beyond relief. Shit lasted me forever too. I got off the plane, saw my uncle, and first thing I said was "Let's get some eats!" Hah, fun time.

    Back on topic though, just eat that shit and fly high man! Or risk getting caught or having it thrown out. Like Yosh said, they don't allow outside food.
  7. HI LEO :wave:

    looking for intel on what the patients do to smuggle mmj out of state? ..oh you are so sneaky....:p

    super cereal, with the TSA butt probing wheelchair bound grannies and giving little girls they first GYN exam free of charge, security is 'tight' at the airports...the TSA has LONG arms with an endless supply of rubber gloves...don't make them use those gloves...:eek:
  8. It might work with a checked baggage.
    You'll need to wrap the edible very well, first in a ziplock bag and use your mouth to suck out all the air in the ziplock bag. Then ziplock again, but this time with a dryer sheet in the ziplock bag. Then repeat this again with a larger ziplock bag. Then put this contraption into a large-ass tupperware container, stuff the tupperware with socks/clothing and additional dryer sheets, tape the tupperware with duct tape, and restuff it into a ziplock bag.

    Yeah, i've never tried that before, but in my head it works.

  9. I would break it all up and put it all inside different objects.
  10. Really guys? I flew out of lax with some Ritz peanut butter crackers and some granola bars in my carry-on and didn't get a second glance. Just throw some other food in there with your edibles. Worst case scenario, they throw it away and you can be like "damn those were gonna be some good brownies." my sis got some juice confiscated last time we flew and they just tossed it. They'd probably do the same with edibles.
  11. Pre-packaged right?
  12. Guys you bring food/snacks in your hand luggage on a plane. The question however is if edibles can be detected by sniffer dogs or whatever.
  13. Its not worth it

  14. I fly from JFK and La Guardia (two very high security and busy airports) many times and have carried food. Just make some cookies and wrap them in tin foil and a plastic bag.

    Worst that happens is they ask you to eat it before getting in the plane.

    Other then that, they are nazi's trying to make you as nervous as possible to weed out (ha, a pun) the offenders. Just play it cool like you have regualr shit and are just another traveler.
  15. its a bhang bar, if i keep it on carry on with my other food should i unwrap it from its packaging and keep it in a ziploc bag or something?
  16. Do the security belts have scanners that detect THC? I've always been worried that I can't fly with anything that has been touched by weed or has a tiny speck on it or shoes that have been used to put out a roach, etc.
  17. Damn, Canada needs to step up their security game, even though no one really wants to bomb us. I pass through Pearson International (Toronto) by going through a metal detector, no pat down unless you are acting fishy. It's awesome.

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