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  1. I recently (May 2019) had to fly on Southwest AIrlines from Burbank to Sacramento. I had a couple of joints that I did not want to throw away, so I asked a TSA lady if I could expect a problem should these joints be seen. She told me "no," but suggested that I just put them in my clothes in my carry-on bag.

    FWIW, there are no cannabis -sensitive machines around, and "drug dogs" weren't in the domestic flight area and California travelers with small amounts of cannabis are not at risk of being thrown in jail with rapists and murderers (unlike back in the 1960's when L.A. County Jail was full of mixed offense prisoners).

    The impression I got from the TSA lady is that "nobody cares about a little bit of weed" anymore.

    --Norcal Guy
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    Don’t flying through Arizona with anything but homemade edibles they don’t play. Lol dude gettin probed in the back ground kinda look like ur profile pic.
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  3. in '15 i flew from new orleans to maine and back with paraphernalia, cannabis and "unmentionables" on my person and in my carry-on luggage.
  4. Not worth the risk for a little bit of pot.
  5. That's what I thought, so I decided to ask a TSA person. Apparently, even official tolerance at Burbank Airport (gateway of Los Angeles entertainment travelers) is quite reasonable.

    --Ray B
  6. So you're flying to NorCal and you think finding weed will be a problem. Dude you are almost at the emerald triangle (Mendocino, Trinity, and Humboldt county) you could literally ask the first person you see on the street. Hell up here most people will just give you free weed.
  7. You're right, but my concern was a little different. I had been in LA for a school reunion, and was returning to Sacramento. I had bought a few joints at a dispensary near my hotel and didn't want to throw away what I had left.

    You're right about "free weed." I was visiting some friends in Humboldt County a few years back and was having breakfast by the ocean the morning after we arrived. A relative of our friends drove up and handed me a bag of weed, about an ounce, as a friendly gesture to his relatives' visitor. Blew me over, as that was real hospitality.

    --Norcal Guy

  8. Yep that's where I live. I also give away weed as well. It's dirt cheap here and top shelf. Everyone grows here pretty much. Just a normal hobby out here.
  9. tsa is to stop weapons and things that may jeopardize the safety of the flight.

    When it comes to drugs it depends on the person working, they can call the police or let it go thru.

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  10. I believe if you are traveling between two locations in California it is legal. You would be staying in state boundaries and laws.
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  11. Patricia,

    The "culture" has changed so much in Los Angeles the last couple of years that police would just shrug a TSA complaint aside for a couple of joints (IMHO). The TSA lady I talked to seemed surprised that I would even ask.

    Keep in mind that Burbank Airport staff don't view minor weed carriers the same way as other more conservative parts of the country.

    --Ray B
  12. Hypothetically, only...
    Does the air space above California fall under State law or Federal law?
    Where I live, The 'big lake' is governed by the US Coast Guard and while the streams are 'open to everyone', the ground below a stream BELONGS to the landowner. If you are walking the stream, the landowner may order you off; if you are floating, however...
    Laws can be odd.
  13. Knowing our government I'm sure they say they own the air space too haha.
  14. TSA can't tell you yes but they also don't try hard to bust you. Its like dont ask dont tell. Just dont risk it in a state without legal cannabis. In the event TSA does officially find cannabis they are required to contact local law enforcement. If you are in legal state you will hypothetically be okay, if not, it will probably be ugly.
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    Still not worth the risk. Cannabis is still federally illegal, therefore illegal to fly with. All it takes is 1 tsa official with a stick up his butt and you are fucked. Pots too easy to come by these days. People still get busted flying these days too. There was just a deal with that goofy ass rapper getting caught. One of his entourage took the blame but an official smelled it, authorities were contacted, dude got popped
  16. Didn't have a problem bringing 2 eighths onboard in carry on backpack at LAX last July. We was flying non-stop to Kalispell, MT. I put the backpack on the belt to be scanned and we went right through no problem.
  17. Recently flew from NJ to Nashville with high THC edibles (oatmeal raisin cookies) and a bottle of Bubblegum MCT oil (325mg THC from dispensary). No issues, but was paranoid until we left the airport for our hotel. It’s easy to say it was worth it because we didn’t get into trouble, but.......

    Side note. Nashville was amazing!
  18. Our recent experiences of carrying various cannabis products when traveling by air is a far cry from what one risked back in the 1960's and early 1970's. In those days in Southern California, cannabis residue found in your car by over-zealous police would put you in jail.
  19. I just flew last week with 1/4 oz and like 5 carts. No issues at all, But I did get nervous when I was in the line that the Dog was walking behind each person 1 at a time but all was well.

    Last year I flew and my bags were set aside when he opened the small pocket all you could smell was weed and he said "Not what i'm looking for" and I was all set.

    It was my power cables and battery that was the issue.

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