Carolina at Duke

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by sk3y, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. Anyone planning on watching the game tonight? Who do you think will win?

    Me and roommate are going to watch it tonight. I have class until like 850 then watching game at 9. At halftime going to go burn some bowls and come back and watch the rest. I like Carolina, and roommate likes Duke.

    Should be a hell of a game :smoking:
  2. should be a sick game...I don't really care about who wins they are both good teams but the Duke fans are really obnoxious so I hope UNC wins. I'm going to the final four in Detroit so I'll probably see one of those teams there.
  3. im from NC and its fuckin HUGE around here, i've always been a Duke fan so LETS GO DEVILS....

    Right now its tied 58-58, Duke with the ball....
  4. Its 73-67 NC right now with 9 min left. Im pullin for Duke, they lit it up at the end of the first, but their streak has run cold!
  5. hell yeah Carolina pulled it out! :smoke:

    Next bowl is for Carolina baby
  6. dude i was so there:) just found your post. it was the greatest moment of my life seriously. loved the heels since i was like 6 my parents liked clemson lol. kinda sad seeing tyler leave tho :(
  7. damn ma... that sucks that you are a carolina fan...

  8. yeah i guess it really does suck to be a fan of a team with a #1 seed in the NCAA
  9. all i got say about that is.... weber state...
  10. haha who? :smoke:

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