Carnivorous and poisonous plants in the garden

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  1. Hi all!

    To improve the plant environment of my indoor grow room I have started using poisonous plants such as tobacco and castor beans. It's time to step-it up and find even better plants to fight the good battle. The grow room is the perfect environment for nearly any plant... so give me some ideas for easy-to-maintain insecticidal plants!

    Here is a starter list... I will update as I hear more ideas. :)

    Poisonous Plants:
    1. Tobacco - poisonous to insects
    2. Castor Beans - poisonous to everything
    3. Rosemary - poisonous to insects. piney smell
    4. Chrysanthemums - source of pyrethrum insecticide

    Carinvorous Plants:
    • Pitcher plant
    • Venus fly trap

    I haven't tried carnivorous plants yet... but the pitcher plant looks pretty ideal! Anyone else try these yet?
  2. I used to grow a carnivorous garden. I grew mine in a 60 gal aquarium. In another sixty gallon aquarium I used to breed and keep poison dart frogs (blue azures in that particular tank). The frogs eat fruit flies and other tiny insects like springtails. Many would escape from the frog tank, and because they were flightless, they would end up falling into the carnivorous garden. It was a pretty cool system. I would opt for predatory mites if you want to control spider mites... or just spray.

    These guys have the frogs and the plants. I wonder if the frogs would eat marijuana pests.
  3. Never thought of using other plants like this before. I've been growing tobacco in the same closet as my hemp for the past few months with no infestation. Though, I don't think it's saying much as this is my first indoor grow.

  4. Are you actually growing hemp? That won't get you high.
  5. Oleander is poisonous, but to humans... Borage and lemon balm both keeps insects away, red nasturtiums attract aphids away from other plants. Nettle is supposed to increase the potency of essential oil plants.
  6. bump, this is intresting stuff

  7. Interesting. You'll have to let us know how well it works. The only problem I see here is that from what I know, the Pitcher Plant and Venus Fly Trap should be grown in an aquarium type seting for high humidity, etc...

    Good luck! Really is cool trying to keep pests at bay with carnivorous plants. + Rep!
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  8. Just a word of warning. Both MJ and Tobacco are vulnerable to the infamous Tobacco Mosaic Virus.

    If you are going to grow tobacco, I'd recommend starting from seed to prevent any chances of infection.

    There is no cure or treatment for TMV all plants MUST be discarded and often an entire crop will be compromised.

    Otherwise, go for it. Tobacco is one of teh best insecticides that grow from the ground.

    Marigolds help ward of flying insects, and Catnip has certain repellant effects.
  9. I have also used peppermint but IMHO you are better off using diatomaceous earth around the grow room

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