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  1. Strain: Carmelicious from AMS (I do not recommend this site to anyone ordering in the USA)
    Price: 68.50 USD
    Sellers' Description: This delicious variety with BIG fat sticky buds and sweet caramel flavor is our favorite after dinner smoke. Caramelicious has been bred for the last 15 years with great success and happiness. This indica/sativa hybrid is crossed back and selected on her sweet taste and great yield. A beautiful plant loads of crystals sweet taste and a happy high. This plant is easy to grow - good for beginners.

    Type: Indica/sativa
    Yield: 450 gram / m2
    Flower: 8 - 9 weeks
    THC: good 17 - 20%
    Grow Diff: good for beginners

    Medium: Soil (sta-green garden soil)
    Light: 1000 MH/HPS

    Nutes: FFTB, FFBB
    Yield: 2.9 OZ per plant.

    Bag Appeal: 8/10 The buds are a bit airy but not loose, gives the buds the appearance that they are a lot bigger than they actually weigh, 20 sacs that look like 40's. Lots of crystals and a nice look to it, nothing like their web site shows but a very good looking bud.
    Smell: 9/10 It has a very pungent odor, will definitely stink up a room when you open your bag.
    9/10 has a very distinct flavor to it; I would not describe it as caramel in any way, but a nice smooth sweet flavor.
    The High: 7/10 good all around buzz, seems to have a heady high up front and then the couch lock sets in. As in their description it is definitely an after dinner smoke.
    Comments: The price of the seeds are decent, but the male to female ratio was pretty bad with my ten seeds, 4/6 male, 1/6 herm, and 1 female, 4 to be determined later. Very easy to grow and clone, this I would recommend for any first time grower, this plant grows fast and has a med height. This plant also finishes earlier than the company stated mine finished in 7.5 weeks left it up for an extra couple days just to make it to the 8 week mark. Leans towards the indica side in appearance. Worth the 68$ even if you only get one female out of a order. Only down side is it seems to only be available from this one company and they don't offer fem seeds for this strain.

    Pictures of dried buds here.

    Strain: Cheese from AMS (I do not recommend this site to anyone ordering in the USA)
    Price: 123.30 USD
    Sellers' Description: Because of the many requests we added Cheese marijuana seeds to our marijuana seeds catalog. All the characteristics of our beloved master kush with our super skunk strain mixed in.
    This produces a more controlled marijuana plant with larger buds. The smell and taste of the marijuana plant are increased but the high stays the same, very high. Cheese marijuana has a deep earthy flavor, very dominant. Strong body stoned and a happy giggly high. Makes me smile all the time and I like giggling soo bad. Cheese marijuana your instant smile.

    Type: feminized indica-sativa m
    Yield: 700 gr/m2
    Flower: 8-10 weeks
    THC: 20%
    Grow Diff: moderate

    Medium: Soil (sta-green garden soil)
    Light: 1000 MH/HPS

    Nutes: FFTB, FFBB
    Yield: 3 OZ per plant

    Bag Appeal: 6/10 tight dense buds heavy on the crystals, but nothing special to look at
    Smell: 7/10 Great when growing but looses a lot of smell after it is cured has a almost fruity smell to it when you break it open.
    5/10 What you smell is not what you get, you expect a nice fruity taste but it is not, the smoke is smooth but the flavor IMO is simply bad.
    The High: 8/10 this is the best thing about this plant really decent high, I would say no where the 20% THC the seller boasts. This was a fan favorite among the friends who dubbed it the “Zombie” weed as we would find ourselves taking a couple hits then someone would camp with it then an hour later someone would complain that we all just watched an entire hour of the Ellen talk show without realizing it.
    Comments: This strain is not all that it is cracked up to be. In my experience growing this was difficult; it was a very temperamental plant, not for beginners or people who are looking for an easy grow. The genetics I received were all over the place, one plant was tall and lanky with rock hard buds that in one instance snapped the stalk of the plant due to the weight of the top cola. The other plant was short and bushy and produced dense buds that looked nothing like it's sister plant. Both yielded the same approximate amount but the taller plant did not take to fimming well as when the buds got heaver the branches would droop to the point where I thought they would split off the stalk. For the 124$ price this strain is totally not worth it, when you can get this strain from other breeders for cheaper. The smoke is good but not that good.

    Pictures of dried buds here.

    Sellers' Review: AMS is by far the worst company I have ever bought seeds from.
    Price: expensive
    Delivery speed: 5/10 about 13 days (or never)
    Customer service: Garbage
    Comments: On my first order everything went pretty smooth for the most part, with the exception of being over charged. This I did not discover until I placed my second order through them. They charged me 161USD for the cheese even though it is listed at 123.30USD on their site. The seller has a nice variety of strains and only like 5 or 6 femmed strains all their femmed strains are priced at 123.30USD or more and you only have the option to get 10 seeds. All their products seem to be a bit higher in price than other sites. Their stealth is none, I am not going to tell you exactly how they shipped, but a plain envelope with loose seeds in it is the only thing that I could guess would be worse. You are not given the option for any type of special shipping all you get is Dutch Postal Air mail. This brings us to their customer service, when I did not receive my second order I contacted them, you can only do this by placing tickets on their web site, the email address they respond to you from does not accept mail. Let's just say that they start out nice and helpful until you tell them you did not receive your seeds. This can be seen here which is almost an exact copy of someone else's experience with their customer service.

  2. Edit: the carmelicious is available in fem now for the low low price of 117.90 USD. Also I have heard that their stealth shipping is better now. Next time I get a extra 32.75 USD I will buy their cheepest reg strain. Red haired skunk.

    All of their fem strains are 117 UDS or more.

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