Carlos Santana wants to Legalise!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by countryboy4684, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. Unavailable... maybe it's on youtube somewhere
  2. i just clicked the link and it workes... hm dunno
  3. Haha I liked his slur of Governor Scwharzeneggar (sp?).

    Maybe after seeing how Santana has stepped out, other celebrities will. It seems like some people in America will listen to celebrities speaking out, but only sometimes (Pamela Anderson and PETA type stuff haha)
  4. does anyone know if hes always been for legalization or is this something he just came out with?
  5. This is good to know, I hope he and others go public.
  6. I saw this also....... next to the TIME magazine link... on Drudgereport!

    This is the first time I've ever seen MJ related news on Drudgereport....... his audience is vast. The debate is truly further into the public conscience than it's been in a LONG time.
  7. Carlos is an IDIOT!!! I don't know if any of you smoke Cigarettes, they just hit $7.50 a pack in California on the first. That is LEGAL.

    The school systems here are nothing but a JOKE. That is what California makes of the tax dollars taken from its people...a freakin' JOKE.

    So, instead of having pot legal for those with Dr.s Approval, Carlos wants to make it something that you go to the store for...and pay a HUGE tax on. Yup, way to Go, Carlos!!!

    My pot is cheaper than my cigarettes. But a Rich Democrat will NEVER see it that way. They only want to create more tax dollars.

    We just need it to be semi legal...NO TAXING IT.
  8. Hi noobie welcome to america... your government won't give you anything they can't make a profit off of.

    also when its legal people will grow it more
    and you can buy it from them

  9. You have never been to Santana show have you ? :D
  10. Hi, been reading for a while. I did an intro a few weeks ago.

    Sorry for barging in on this one, I just wish that Stars would stick to what they Know. It sounds great, but who wants the tax burden that cigarettes and liquor carry? You really believe that they will allow it to be grown at Home? Not if there is a penny that they are not getting.

    And I am Tired of the Stars volunteering ME for More Taxes. I am just not On for That. I don't care How Good they can play. :p
  11. Santana is a god. :metal:
  12. I saw Santana live last fall. He is a deeply spiritual man and it shows in almost everything he does. I'm glad to see that a "God fearing" man is willing to come out and voice a pro-pot opinion. It seems that these days anyone who is religious is instantly against it.

    Carlos being for it will help the movement gain support in the older communities, which could be big. Right now it seems that anyone 30 or younger has no problem with pot, but the older generations are still the subject of blatant propaganda and were essentially brainwashed. If this clip could get some real airtime, it could be a big step forward.
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    people, you say that if pot is legal more people will grow it that may be true to the extent that people brew their own beer(hasn't hurt alcohol sales) people can grow vegetables, and fruit, spices, herbs( hasnt hurt that industry as much as other things have hurt the industry) yes more people will grow pot, but americans are all about convenience most stoners would rather go to the store and buy their bud then wait 4 months or 2 months to get their own stash, then they have to go through the hassle of higher electric bills or drying it harvesting it curing...the true stoners that are dedicated to bud will grow it but same with people that like gardening with vegetables and shit...who cares if he is a celebrity people it is just one more person that wants to get the word out, we should be lucky these celebrities are speaking because they are the ones that can get on the televisiona and speak. how many normal stoners have you seen on the news channels NONE..

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