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  1. I cant stand that fat ass piece of shit. He thinks hes funny by being racist, which usually isnt funny, but it is even less funny when after every joke he makes it known that he doesnt care if he offended anyone. I can watch one show and pretty much see them all at the same time. They are all the same thing:

    "Black people like fried chicken(screams something stupid) Black people steal shit"
    "Beaner beaner!!beaner beaner beaner this beaner that(more unnecesary screaming)
    "Im a redneck I got hit by a tornado (then that gay ass duh duh duh thing, and more screams"

    Anyone feel me?
  2. i feel u completely man...that no talent douche bag doesnt deserve a show, but i guess comedy central kinda has a thing for putting about 20 terrible shows (distraction, drawn together, that blue collar tv bullshit, stella, weekends at the dl, thats my bush, etc.) on for every 1 good one (daily show, south park)

    the thing is, that motherfucker isnt even a mexican... he's like.. honduran... and his name isnt carlos mencia, its NED HOLNESS... if that isnt a white sounding name i cant think of one. i for one am disgusted that people think that stupid unintelligent racist 'comedy' belongs on tv.

    oh well... you know it'll be gone in a year so i guess we just gotta put up with the 30 second promos til then
  3. I think a lot of his stuff is funny, but some of his sketches are are just dumb. I find he makes a good point as well, the level of political correctness nowadays can really piss me off.
  4. i agree with the first two posts
  5. Thank god, I saw the title and thought it would be a carlos mencia fanboy. God he sucks, he tries to be racist but being a easily targetable race and a racist doesnt go together too well. Get off the air you unfunny faggot.
  6. i like him...people put to much sensitivity into race these days its not that hes funny its just that he says what most people think.
  7. glad other people agree.. i cant stand that fuck.. him and dave chapelle
  8. woah woah woah...dont bring dave chappel into this
  9. i mean i laugh but i know its wrong to.
  10. he's worse then george lopez....
  11. i feel you on mencia but your fuckin crazy if you dont like chappel
  12. thank god this is a negative thread about mencia.......good god i cannot stand this fat mexican piece of crap....... he is a racist and i dont care how many times he says he isnt on the show...and how he embarrases guests in his audience...i wuld get up and knock that fucker out
  13. Yeah. Dave is my Boy!
  14. Mencia's show sucks, but I like a lot of his stand up.

    And to anyone hating on Dave Chapelle, well that just ain't cool.

    Also I thought it was funny that someone who posted before me thought it wasn't cool for Carlos Mencia to make racial jokes, and then call him a faggot. Real open minded there buddy.
  15. I have to agree, I just don't feel that humor, its washed up and not funny.

    Dave Chapelle is cool!

    Draw Together wasn't that bad of a show.
  16. Carlos Mencia was only good on the first season and that only because He was the replacement for Dave chappelle the first Episode of the Second Season was the only good one for about 10 minutes the second episode I didnt even bother
  17. I love drawn together

    I can't be the only one who finds toots psycho cutting and eating funny as hell
  18. yea yea daves like uhhhhh... a hero? respect the man, he was in half baked

  19. You arent the only one that enjoys that.

    One of the funniest shows they did was when they would lick ling-ling to trip.
  20. wow, me and my girlfriend's favorite guilty pleasure is Drawn together. also im big on stand up comedy. i still entertain hopes of being a comedian on the side one day...look out for me haha. anyway i love Mencia's stand up. yea his shows are not great, but to put a new one out every week he and his writer's arent that talented. but check out his standup routine before you knock him, he actually throws some intelligent stuff into the crazy mix.

    personally, im not really a big fan of chapelle, i mean some of his shit is fuckin hilarious, but i remember watching a few shows where i was just waiting for the punchline of each sketch and was just bored.

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