Carl Sagan’s Cosmos Sequel Coming from Seth MacFarlane

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by R Complex, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Carl Sagan's Cosmos Sequel Coming from Seth MacFarlane

  2. What the deuce?? :confused:
  3. This should be...interesting? I have mixed emotions I am gonna have to see an episode.
  4. oh christ... just what we need... surfing the cosmos in Sagan's awesome ship and having crappy cut-away gags and poop and gay jokes.
  5. Seth MacFarlane is a freakin great writer and an unbelievably smart guy. I think you should see some of his other work outside of Family Guy.

    Personally I look forward to it. Two of the people were also involved with the original (Carl's wife and the co-writer for the original series) and they have Neil deGrasse Tyson doing the presenting, how great is that?!
  6. Fuggin made me lol.
  7. I saw this on tumblr earlier and shit. This is going to be fucking amazing. I couldn't think of anybody better to fill Carl's shoes than Tyson. And Ann is just amazing to have on board. Also, if you've ever seen Seth Macfarlane on anything other than Family Guy, you know that he is a great writer, as well as an intelligent atheist.
  8. NDT is pretty awesome. I've always thought of him as the black Carl Sagan so this fits nicely.

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