Carisoprodol questions (muscle relaxer)

Discussion in 'General' started by XZit, May 18, 2004.

  1. Well hey I got a couple quick questions regarding Carisoprodol or muscle relaxers in generel.

    Have any of you used these drugs before recreationally?
    How was your experiance? Details?

    Also my other question--I've been wondering if you can snort muscle relaxers. My friend tells me thats hes done it before and he gets slight hauccinations.
    I'm interested in this possiblitly.

    What do you all think?

    Any help is appreciated!!

  2. i had about 5 350mg Soma pills before, i sold all but 1 and everybody said they got real fucked up off em, but i took the 1 and didnt feel much at all.. i dunno if you can snort muscle relaxers, i'd jus crush it up and swallow it, especially if your kinda big, cuz i'm 6' 3 180 pounds and i didnt feel em really.
  3. I chatted with my friend just a while ago about muscle relaxers.
    I asked him what his experiances railing (snorting) them before was.

    Basically he told me that he snorted 1 and a half tablets (pills) and he got slight hallucinations--nothing like a massive "trip" but you see colors and shit--just adds to the experiance.
    Also he said that when snorted it made him hella relaxed--

    My friend took a muscle relaxer (orally) when he was already high off of alcholol, pot, adderal (upper/speed like drug--he railed this), and he also railed a hydrocodone (a painkiller). So he was pretty fucked up before he took the muscle relaxer and he said once he took it he could feel it--and he said it relaxed him hella.
    He just sat back and chilled.

    With the right combinations of drugs muscle relaxers (esspecially Soma--Carisoprodol) can really make the high a lot better.

    I'm going to try to rail one of these next time I can. I'll see what happens. I'll probally just rail half of one pill first--then I'll rail the other half like 30min after. I'll smoke some pot to keep myself mellow and knock down any possible nausea like feelings--and then when its time to go to sleep I'll just rail a painkiller and boom I'm out. lol


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