Caring Dad, or Bad Dad?

Discussion in 'General' started by cowboysaxman, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. Took my 21yr old son and paid for his MedMJ script for his B-day.For his Back pain, truly, but also to lessen the chances of him facing criminal charges for tokin' or growing.:smoke:
  2. Will you adopt me......... PLEASSEEE :(

  3. Maybe,
    Can ya roll a phatty:smoke:? sometimes my arthritis bothers me:laughing::bongin:
  4. I can and will roll you anything you want, including burritos. :D

  5. Funny Shit!:laughing:
    OK, c'mon, but it's a LONG freakin' ways from jersey to NorCal!:smoke::smoke:
  6. Your kid will be your friend for life ^^
    You have my vote for father of the year :p

    I voted for number one and four:smoke:
  7. Very nice saxman!

    Too bad it's so illegal here;)(to the slaves of gov).

    You're lucky to have a good relationship w/your kid. Man what I would have gave for that.

    I think all the time that my pa dled at 49 from stress from his children. He just needed to join in aye?

    Just a great way to start the day. Thanks Saxman. I'll save you a seat in the back lounge of the provost.

  8. My mom took me to get mine when I was 18. I dont see anything wrong with it. I mean seriously, your kid is going to smoke weed whether you want him to or not. Hes a grown adult now. You might as well take the steps necessary to keep him out of jail. I say good job. Most dads will take their son ou and get him shit face drunk at 21, what you did is much safer.
  9. think about it literally man, you bought him a plant to help back pain.
  10. 420Freedme, I'd be honored to hoist a pint with ya, just gotta figure out how the f**k to get there!:D:smoking:

    shasta, gotta be truthful and admit I went out with him on his 21st got him shitfaced and acted as designated driver:smoking:
  11. there's nothing wrong with that, anyone who tells you otherwise is just selfish as hell
  12. Good job man...

    Though I wish that medical MJ wasn't abused..Im not saying your son is conning the system..just saying that people do that. Let it be for people who NEED it ya know..

    whoops..sry bout that rant

    Your a good dad..
  13. Way to go dad! Its all you can do until legalization. "Teach your children well..."
  14. oh hell yeah, if hes 21 hes a grown ass man. i think thats a great gift any pothead would love to have. wish my dad would do somthin like that. dont get me wrong i love my pops, hes a great guy and we get along famously most times but hes just brainwashed by the propaganda. good on ya tho. i think its the most responsible gift you could give. its medicin and keepin him outta jail where he sure dont belong.
  15. yea i think your a good dad.. where in norcal are u?
  16. damn you californians...

    in envy you

  17. Near Red Bluff, Redding area:smoke:
  18. I'm from redding also!
  19. best. dad. ever.

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