Caribou Lou

Discussion in 'General' started by Simulation, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. 1 1/2 parts 151 proof rum
    1 part Malibu® coconut rum
    5 parts pineapple juice

    I bought Malibu Pineapple this going to be not as good? I guess it doesn't really matter...but it seems like the pineapple might be overpowering now
  2. your goin to get CRUNK :hello:
  3. dude the last time i tried that shit... let's just say it was bomb.
  4. Omnomonomonm.
  5. hahaa thats what im goin for! its a toga party...gotta go big
  6. i blacked out on this last halloween
  7. That shit fucked my stomach up so bad last time i drank it to much pineapple juice.
  8. Check out Tech N9nes "caribou Lou" song.
    All you need to knoww...
    Get on it.
  9. Oh man... if Caribou Lou were cannabis lets just say it would be the CHRONIC. Many a'night of mine must thank the Lou' for coming to fruition. Yea Malibu Pineapple is just fine, it wont taste exactly right but it will get you crunk fa sho!

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